Is Voice Search The New Secret Weapon In E-commerce?

Voice Search

Voice Search has been immensely becoming popular with new and new businesses bringing it into their operations.

According to surveys, 45 million voice assisted devices are used in United States. With immensely growing population, many companies are using voice search.

Now businesses have been investing tons in shaping their strategies according to the latest feature of voice search.

\According to the latest reports, 71% people when searching online prefer to do the search via voice rather than investing time in the keyboard.

Details Voice Search

Getting Into Details About Voice Search-

Voice Search, also known a internet technology which enable a user to do an online search by asking a query on their smartphone or any smart device. Search engine or digital assistant perform the search.

This technology discovered in 1950’s, came into existence when more and more individuals and companies started getting to know about it.

This new trend has increasingly become popular in businesses and other fields too rather than performing a regular search engine query.

It has also become popular in placing a phone call, playlist management, email management, shopping, calendar management and several other aspects.

Preferred Voice Search

Most Preferred Voice Search Devices-

  • Google answer more than 81% queries.
  • Apple HomePod and Siri together hold a record of answering 99.4% of queries.
  • Amazon Echo answer 64% of queries.
  • Harman Kardon Invoke answer 57% of queries.

Voice Search In E-commerce-

To outreach their services and enhancing the user experience. Mega giants like Google Assistant, Amazon Alexa, Siri and Microsoft Cortana have been investing tons in their R&D department.

In the past few years, voice search technology trends have been in talks and how it would influence the market. Voice search enable users to directly connect with their target niches.

Mobile phones were discovered with a purpose of providing users with better communication.

Now mobile phones are playing an effective role in encouraging voice empowered technology. Lately smartphones have become a medium in generating majority of online traffic.

This year most of the marketers have predicted that businesses will spend around 72% of marketing dollars in the development of mobile apps.

To offer more personalization to their customers, many retailers are developing different technologies to feature in their mobile apps so that they could directly connect with their target groups.

Companies Voice Search

Companies Using Voice Search In Their Business-

Mobile app development now has been increasingly popular in businesses in driving in customers. With advancing technologies, mobile apps are now developed with a 1.5 more faster speed.

Since most of the voice searches are performed on smartphones than desktops.

eMarketer’s latest reports also suggest by 2021, mobile E-commerce sales will hold approximately 58.9% of overall e-business sales. Mega Companies using voice search in their businesses are-


For handling the incoming orders, Domino’s investment in the“Dom”, which is a voice ordering system, turned to be fruitful. To enhance the customer preferences, and to stand out among their competitors, the company has been working more on its digital and mobile channels.

Domino’s has always been a leader in the fast-food restaurant industry. With the help of artificial intelligence in their voice ordering system, the company has effectively increased its food ordering rate.

This technology has also enabled people to order their pizzas by providing them relief from ambush of calls. Voice ordering technology has also helped the company in maintaining good customer relationships and thereby enriching their experience. 


Back in 2017, Nestle launched its GoodNes Alexa Skill. For enriching the user experience more the company came up with a brilliant idea.

It created a skill, which could provide users with the apt cooking instructions as they cook. Moreover, the skill also provided them with visual guidance.

GoodNes corporate a noteworthy visual guide that functions on all smart devices including mobile phones and desktops. Customers can easily ask for their favorite recipes and within seconds they could view their preferred recipe online.

Burger King

In the year 2017, Burger King came up with a 15 seconds television ad and featured “OK Google, what is the Whopper burger?”. The company made many news headlines hinted towards their new e-business technology.

Comprising Google’s name in their ads turned out to be a profitable business for the company and their campaign went viral.

The company’s new technology was able to capture a larger market share with their voice search technology. Moreover, it also found out new opportunities to capitalize on their technology.

Likewise, various other businesses bring invested in their voice search technology.


How Voice Search Will Be Beneficial-

With more technological advancement voice search has become a trend in the industry.

According to astrology experts, by the year 2020, around 50% internet queries will in the form of voice search. This technology is gigantically benefiting users by-

  • Increasing the customer experience by users with the insights of providing them with services like personalized content and messages as per their searches.
  • Voice search will an aid for the companies in their SEO strategies, by reflecting the users with various ideas matching their idea of interest. Other than offering them the top result query.
  • It will enable the company to drive traffic in. By giving users with results from their queries. Users will also get their hands on the websites they preferred to read content from. With a much accurate voice-optimized SEO, search queries will be provided as the top result pages with the most optimized answers.
  • Businesses will have their services standout among their competitors. Since most of the customers now prefer to have their services optimized with the voice search strategies.
  • A great instrument for driving the web traffic in. If businesses have a solid voice search optimized strategy, they can easily beat their competitors by getting themselves in the top result pages.

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