Items That Might Affect Your Family’s Health According to Vastu

tems That Might Affect Your Family's Health According to Vastu

Imagine coming back to a cluttered home after a long day at work, feeling inexplicably tired and anxious. You might not be aware, but the arrangement of objects in your home could be affecting your family’s health, according to Vastu Shastra. This ancient Indian architectural science emphasizes the significance of the energy flow within our living spaces. In this article, we will explore various items that, when kept improperly, might influence your family’s health adversely, according to Vastu.

1. Mirrors in the Bedroom

According to Vastu, placing mirrors in the bedroom can disrupt the harmony of the space. Mirrors reflect energy, and when placed facing the bed, they can create restlessness and sleep disturbances. To maintain good health, ensure that mirrors are not directly reflecting your sleeping form.

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2. Clutter and Dust

A cluttered and dusty home is believed to attract negative energy, leading to health issues. Keeping your living spaces tidy and free of clutter not only makes your home visually appealing but also contributes to a healthier environment, as per Vastu.

3. Broken or Unused Electronics

Old, non-functional electronics gathering dust can create stagnant energy in your home. According to Vastu principles, these items should be disposed of or repaired promptly. Keeping them around might affect your family’s well-being.

4. Thorny Plants Indoors

While indoor plants can purify the air and create a pleasant atmosphere, Vastu advises against keeping thorny plants inside. These plants are believed to radiate negative energy, potentially leading to conflicts and health issues.

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5. Leaky Faucets and Plumbing Issues

Leaking water is associated with financial losses in Vastu, but it can also affect the health of your family. Damp areas can promote the growth of mold and mildew, which can lead to respiratory problems and allergies.

6. Unused Shoes Under the Bed

Storing shoes under your bed is considered inauspicious in Vastu. According to this belief, shoes carry negative energy from the outside world, and keeping them under the bed can disrupt your sleep and overall health.

7. Broken Clocks and Watches

Broken timepieces symbolize a standstill in life, according to Vastu. They are associated with delays and can hinder progress. Repair or replace broken clocks and watches to maintain a positive environment.

8. Sharp-edged Furniture

Furniture with sharp corners and edges is believed to generate negative energy and may cause accidents or injuries. Rounding off the edges or opting for curved designs can mitigate this risk.

9. Unused or Expired Medicines

Keeping expired or unused medicines at home can create a negative energy zone, according to Vastu. It is advisable to dispose of them properly and ensure that your medicine cabinet only contains current and necessary medications.

10. Cracked or Chipped Crockery

Damaged crockery, especially chipped plates and glasses, is considered inauspicious. It is believed to bring bad luck and can also affect the health of the family members using them.

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Incorporating Vastu principles into your home’s design and arrangement can help promote harmony and well-being for your family. While these beliefs may vary, adhering to them in moderation can create a positive and balanced living environment. In conclusion, remember to avoid mirrors facing the bed, reduce clutter and dust, dispose of broken electronics, and pay attention to the condition of your indoor plants. Additionally, fix leaky faucets, avoid storing shoes under the bed, and maintain good-quality, intact household items. These simple adjustments according to Vastu can contribute to your family’s health and overall happiness.

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