Items To Avoid Keeping In Your Baby’s Nursery

Items to Avoid Keeping in Your Baby's Nursery

Imagine a cozy, well-decorated nursery for your little one, filled with warmth and positivity. A place where your baby can peacefully drift into dreamland and grow in a nurturing environment. However, did you know that the items you choose to keep in your baby’s nursery can influence their well-being, not just aesthetically but also spiritually? In this article, we’ll explore the essential Vastu Shastra guidelines for creating a harmonious and nurturing space for your baby. We’ll discuss what items to avoid keeping in your baby’s nursery and why, all while ensuring a serene and balanced atmosphere for your little bundle of joy.


Mirrors are a common decorative element in many homes, but they may not be suitable for your baby’s nursery according to Vastu principles. Mirrors can reflect energy, and having them in the nursery can lead to a restless atmosphere. Babies are sensitive to energy, and the constant reflection of their own image can disrupt their sleep and create a feeling of restlessness.

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Electronic Gadgets:

In today’s digital age, it’s tempting to have electronic gadgets in every room, including your baby’s nursery. However, Vastu advises against keeping electronic gadgets such as televisions and computers in the nursery. These devices emit electromagnetic radiation that can disturb your baby’s sleep and overall well-being. It’s best to keep the nursery free from such distractions.

Sharp or Pointed Objects:

Sharp or pointed objects, like sculptures or decorative items with jagged edges, can create negative energy in your baby’s nursery. Vastu emphasizes the importance of a safe and peaceful environment for your child. These objects can pose physical risks and disrupt the positive energy flow in the room.

Cacti and Thorny Plants:

Plants can be a lovely addition to a nursery, but be mindful of the type of plants you choose. Cacti and plants with thorns or spiky leaves should be avoided. According to Vastu, these plants can bring negative energy into the room, potentially causing discomfort or harm to your baby.

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Broken or Damaged Toys:

It’s natural for toys to get damaged over time, but broken or damaged toys should not find a place in your baby’s nursery. Vastu encourages a clutter-free and harmonious space, and broken toys can disrupt the positive energy flow. Dispose of or repair damaged toys to maintain a serene environment.

Heavy or Cluttered Furniture:

A nursery should have a spacious and open layout. Avoid overcrowding the room with heavy or excessive furniture. Vastu suggests that cluttered spaces can obstruct the free flow of energy, leading to discomfort and unease for your baby. Opt for lightweight and child-friendly furniture arrangements instead.

Dark Colors:

The color palette of your baby’s nursery plays a significant role in setting the right atmosphere. Vastu recommends avoiding dark, gloomy colors in the nursery. Dark shades can create a somber and heavy energy, which may not be conducive to your baby’s growth and development. Opt for lighter, soothing colors to promote a sense of tranquility.

Negative Artwork:

Art can be a wonderful way to decorate your baby’s nursery, but be mindful of the subject matter. Avoid artwork that portrays negative or aggressive themes. Vastu encourages positive and uplifting imagery to create a nurturing environment for your child. Choose artwork that radiates positivity and joy.

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In creating your baby’s nursery, it’s essential to consider not only the aesthetic aspects but also the spiritual and energetic elements. Vastu Shastra offers valuable insights into creating a harmonious space that promotes your baby’s well-being and growth. By avoiding items such as mirrors, electronic gadgets, sharp objects, thorny plants, broken toys, heavy furniture, dark colors, and negative artwork, you can ensure that your baby’s nursery is a sanctuary of positive energy, fostering their health and happiness as they embark on their journey of life.

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