Job Astrology- How to Get a Better Job and Get Success in Current Job

Job Astrology- How to Get a Better Job and Get Success in Current Job

How to get a better job and get success in the current job, with the help of Astrology. Before we go into details of this important topic we need to first understand a few things below-

Why Couldn’t you get a favorite job Yet!!

In today’s situation, the attainment of jobs and staying in a job are two diverse and problems. As far as getting a job is concerned, it is directly associated with the position of Saturn in the horoscope. If Saturn in the horoscope is stumpy or the presence of Saturn is not in good bhava or other planets are having bad effects on Saturn, then in this case, there are problems in getting a job.

Many a time it has also been seen that, Saturn in the Kundali is in such a bad condition. Owing to this, unemployment becomes a regular state further resulting in serious problems like stress, mental illness arise in people.

Now as far as the success and promotion in the job are concerned, the sun is mainly responsible for this, so it can be said that the good position and bad condition of the sun can make anyone from servant to chief and chief to a servant. Some celebrities like Mukesh Ambani and Ratna Tata are such successful businessmen whose Sun in the horoscope is always high.

Astrology does not work on just the movement of 1 planet but there are many factors to a situation but the above mentioned is the most important, astrology not only explains the problems, but it also has such a responsibility to tell the remedies for solving those problems.

How to know if the Sun is High or low in Horoscope

It has been told directly that how important it is for Suryadev to be high in the Horoscope for job-oriented people. However, how to know what is the situation of the Sun in the Kundali?

A simple symptom of this is that if the Sun is strong in the horoscope then you will be in a job and it will be seen in your generations also, ie the high position of the Sun also tells that if your father or Dada has been in a job. Also, without making any changes, he works just by sticking to the same place and from where he has retired, all these signs show the high degree of Sun.

Different from this, if you are not established in your job and constantly change job, occupation or business one after the other, then Sun in the Kundali is low. Which causes problems.

Measures to get a job

It is crucial to improve the position of Shani for getting a job. For which, every day feed a dog or crows with something to eat. Preferably, it should be made of wheat. In addition to this, give something to eat to buffalos on Saturday, this will make Shani Dev happy.

Also, the use of “Shubh Aagman beej yantra “will improve Sun and your career. For more detailed discussion you can get in touch with me.

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