Know the astrological connection between MS Dhoni & his success


The former captain of the Indian cricket team Mahendra Singh Dhoni is one big name, all thanks to Maa Deori! CSK Skipper, MS Dhoni keeps visiting Maa Deori temple near his hometown in Ranchi before beginning his new projects. As a faithful bhakt of Maa, he offers his pooja at the temple. Moreover, he attributes his success to the Devi Maa, the main deity at the temple.

Maa Deori is a form of the goddess Durga and has 16 hands, which is why it is also called solha bhuji. Vedic astrologers are very well aware of Rahu’s period behind the grand success of MS Dhoni. It is with considering his family background, which he hails from. What is more interesting is that to please Rahu planet, Goddess Durga is the deity anybody should worship.

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MS Dhoni: An example of devotion & faith

Mahi is a famous example of how devotion and faith can help a person greatly in one’s life in these modern times also. The Chennai Super Kings captain has the blessings of his ishta devta along with him. It also shows the significance of kuldevta worship. Getting the blessings of one’s kuldevta removes the obstacles, grief, marital issues, and many more problems in life.

Worshipping Kuldevta is one thing we have forgotten these days, especially in urban cities. Today breakups, divorce, infertility, cancer, and joblessness have become common things due to the lack of blessings of one’s kuldevta. In many homes, there are people not aware of their kuldevta for many generations. If you are the one who is suffering in life even after doing all the astrological remedies, you must invest your time in finding out who is your family deity. The power of a family deity’s blessings protects a person from all the kinds of evils existing in modern times.

Dhoni fans in his hometown will eagerly wait for him to visit his favorite deity before the beginning of IPL 16 in 2023.

Blog By: Astrologer Ashwini

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