Know Your Celtic Animal Sign

Know Your Celtic Animal Sign

The Celts respected the rhythms of Nature, and watched various kinds of their condition as per the season. Like Native American kinfolk, the full moon in every month held a unique character. 
One can’t state the antiquated Celts assigned zodiac totem creatures as per the time and day of a brother/kinswoman’s introduction to the world. In any case, it is bore witness to the Celts were irrefutably bound to the creature world. To put it plainly, there is by all accounts no division between Celtic-kind and creature kind. 

Cast your brain back to the season of the Celts, and watch: Their breath joining with brilliant, living woodlands. Their Celtic eyes gleaming with the flittering plumes from the fowl domain. Their hearts beating in cadence with the wild mammoths of the wood. This is the manner by which we realize our antiquated Celtic progenitors grasped creature signs and characteristics. 

In fact, no qualification among man and nature is made in Celtic philosophy. Similarly as every single prime individuals know, there is no outline. There is just one. 

Your Celtic Animal Signs And Lunar Zodiac Meanings 

Stag/Deer (December 24 – January 20) 


The stag Celtic creature sign has high beliefs and desires. On the off chance that you need to begin another undertaking, get a Stag sign to support you. They won’t be prevented from their vision. They are exhaustive, quiet and their perseverance safeguards their triumphs. When others have long surrendered, Stags buck their way past limits. They are glad, and which is all well and good – they hold themselves in a magnificent manner. They are normally respectable, similar to they originated from eminence. This isn’t to say Stags feel entitled. A long way from it. They have faith in exemplary diligent work, and their uprightness is their trademark. 

Feline (January 21 – February 17) 

Celtic Feline

Brisk disapproved, and considerably faster mind, the feline of the Celtic year packs a jump in the domain of astuteness. This Celtic creature sign has faultless thinking capacities, yet also they have a talent for seeing the underside of things, a “6th mental sense” maybe. They have irregular vision, and ought to be called upon when new points of view are required in an undertaking. They likewise have a sort, philanthropic quality that makes them adorable. Albeit now and then they can show up detached on the grounds that they like to be on the periphery, continually watching. In any case, they have the best aims on a fundamental level. Felines are additionally inventive, and need a creative outlet to communicate. 

Snake/Adder (February 18 – March 17) 

Celtic Snake

The Celtic creature indication of the snake has a cool outside however are interminably exuberant. They are interested and are in every case loaded with inquiries regarding how the world functions, and how the individuals around them work (regardless of whether they aren’t straightforwardly asking, you can wager they’re making sense of the appropriate responses as far as they could tell). Snakes are normal communicators, and they can be colossally convincing. On the off chance that they are enthusiastic about a reason they can gather together the entire neighborhood with their energy and excitement for their motivation. Furthermore, despite the fact that they’re truly adaptable, they like things to go their direction (who doesn’t?), and will demonstrate to be uncooperative whenever pushed in a corner. 

Fox (March 18 – April 14)

Celtic Fox

The fox sign is incredibly shrewd and realizes how to function a live with guileful, hot silliness. Loaded with cleverness, energy and brilliant insight the fox is a wild power. This Celtic creature sign is the one to take with you on colorful excursions, they will wind your ways into stunning experiences. They have a talent for narrating, and each experience is grub for their stories. They are gracious, despite the fact that they don’t demonstrate that delicate side time after time since they’re too bustling playing and splitting jokes. Be that as it may, they aren’t modest about demonstrating their reliability; on the off chance that you are the companion of the fox, you have a companion forever. Exceptionally vivacious and gutsy, the fox has a dauntless soul. 

Bull/Cow (April 15 – May 12) 

Celtic Bull

Solid, cherishing, steady and sure are the watchwords for the bulls of the Celtic lunar year. Bovines/bulls are the ones you go to when you need a comfort in times of dire need, genuine assessments and strong counsel (especially seeing someone). These Celtic creature signs have bullseye instinct and can recognize a liar from a mile away. Since they’re profoundly instinctive, they can be misjudged as irritable or over passionate. They additionally stopped by stubborness sincerely. They have amazing taste, and have an energy for tasteful style in design and home stylistic theme. These signs are as reliable to a great extent, and ability to stay quiet. 

Seahorse (May 13 – June 9)

Celtic Seahorse

The Celtic creature indication of seahorse is immensely adaptable and ingenious. The seahorse is the individual you need dealing with your funds or taking care of your lawful issues in light of the fact that these individuals are boundlessly shrewd (if there’s a proviso, they’ve either discovered it or imagined it). They additionally have astonishing memory maintenance.  They can likewise be alterable, yet they generally return around to a degree of high allure. These individuals are astoundingly flexible and adjust amazingly well in any condition. Seahorses are so loveable as well. 

Wren (June 10 – July 7)

Celtic wren

The wren Celtic creature sign is related with freshness, and opening to new bits of knowledge, and sunnier auras. They are common guardians and will sign sweet songs to cheer their loved ones. They resist the urge to panic amidst stormy climate. You need to have these individuals with you in the event that you end up in an emergency; they are ingenious and remain cool under strain. Wrens are self-inspired (they realize how to get what they need) and work best in solo circumstances. They are additionally have a high awareness of other’s expectations and good honesty. They look for parity in their lives by being pioneers at work on in the network, yet subtly they would prefer to travel abroad carrying on with a real existence of a wanderer (this nonetheless, is regularly against their better judgment). 

Pony (July 8 – August 4) 

Celtic Pony

Rich, sweeping and ground-breaking, the Celtic creature indication of the pony will give you a keep running for your cash. Normally aggressive, and as it should be. The steed has heaps of ability, and enough certainty to go ’round, especially in business matters. They have an intuition with regards to procedure and route (these signs have an uncanny inner compass).  They do well in initiative positions, however they are similarly as glad to be the aides of the tribe (as long as they are given sufficient acknowledgment for their gifts and commitments). Conceivably obstinate, they are likewise valiant in the midst of affliction. 

Salmon/Fish (August 5 – September 1) 

Celtic Fish

Salmon signs make a plunge their internal waters for motivation, splendid dreams and fantastic viewpoint. They are normally natural however they don’t overemphasize it. These individuals have a one of a kind perspective on the world which makes them a portion of the network’s best specialists, writers and visionaries. A few times they plunge unreasonably profound for the remainder of us, and some fair can’t pursue where they swim. In any case, that is alright, the fish sign needs that sort of profundity, disconnection and thoughtfulness since when they return up for air, the world is awed by their splendor and knowledge. 

Swan (September 2 – September 29)

Celtic Swan

Profoundly advanced, and articulate in communicating, the swan swims in their very own class. They have exclusive requirements, vastly segregating tastes and they have a sharp eye for magnificence (notwithstanding when others can’t see it). Refined and honorable, some of the time the swan is mixed up as disengaged. This be that as it may, isn’t the situation. The swan is a sweetheart, and can demonstrate to be very enthusiastic seeing someone. That “coolness” originates from the swan’s comprehension of poise. They can be demanding in subtleties, and have explicit thoughts regarding how things ought to be finished. On the off chance that you need somebody who is keen, sorted out and incredibly elegant, get a swan’s point of view. 

Butterfly (September 30 – October 27)


This Celtic creature sign satisfies the proverb “extrovert.” Flitting from companion to companion in gatherings, and consistently in contact with friends and family (they’re the ones consistently on the telephone, or messaging). They can’t resist.  They want to dream, express new thoughts and discussion about self-important plans with every one of their companions. These are the individuals who light up any dull day with their cheer and attractively brilliant characters. They are normally sympathetic, and could never purposefully hurt anybody. Or maybe, they make simple companions, and like to see others inspired. Butterflies bring a feeling of marvel and youth to our reality. Keep these individuals around you to help you to remember how really great life can be. 

Wolf/Hound (October 28 – November 24)


Wolves have a solid feeling of direction, and will put everything on the line to see their point is made, and completely comprehended. This Celtic creature sign is courageous, daring and they once in a while bargain. These are the saint’s you need close by in the warmth of fight. They won’t down, and they will take no quarter. Others wonder about their internal grit. Where do they discover the vitality and fortitude to continue onward? They blossom with test, that is the thing that gives them their stamina. They have faultless character, and “respect” is their center name. 

Celtic Hawk or Falcon (November 25 – December 23)


The word obstinate applies to individuals brought into the world under the Celtic Zodiac indication of the Hawk. When something stands out for Hawk there is no dissuading our feathered creature. This incorporates individuals. Falcon likes life in unfaltering augmentations. Anything that feels shaky makes Hawk apprehensive and offbeat. Be that as it may, when they locate a comfortable home Hawk turns into a sweetheart who is profoundly caring.

What sets Hawk individuals separated from other Animal Zodiac Signs is their uncanny vision.

At times there is an allurement in Hawk to remain in the mists, however recall that your bits of knowledge are really required at this very moment.

The Celtic Zodiac indication of the Hawk is known for sharp impulses. There is nothing of the sort as mystery with these people. When you know something in your gut, it is right on the money and you start getting ready for activity. This makes you a pioneer that others can pursue without stress. You generally know the best course since you bring home the bacon through perception. To some this may appear favorable luck, yet for you it is a characteristic ability.

On the off chance that Hawk is your introduction to the world sign you are an ardent sentimental and visionary. While a portion of your deepest desires are up in the mists, regardless you have evil hooks that can sink profoundly into circumstances and hold tight. You favor dream to the real world, yet some of the time Hawk simply needs to arrive and be prepared for what life hands you. Individuals consider you to be having ceaseless thoughts, some of which are “out there” while others are sound. Better still you have the vitality and assurance to attempt to show those ideas.


In that fiery soul of unity, I welcome you interface with your very own lunar Celtic creature sign. Investigate the potential outcomes your lunar totems have for you. Further, investigate all the creature characters in the Celtic year. Doing this may grow your mindfulness about the individuals around you, the creatures we reverberate with, and the brilliance of our universe.

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