10 life Lessons To Be Learned From Mahabharata

10 life lessons to be learned from Mahabharat

The substances of life are admired by virtuoso and given the structure that makes plays, verse or incredible exposition. Be that as it may, the most astounding writing rises above regionalism and through it, when we are appropriately adjusted, we understand the basic unity of the human family. The Mahabharata Katha is of this class. It has a place with the world and not exclusively to India.

To the individuals of India, to be sure, this epic has been an unfailing and lasting wellspring of profound quality.

Educated at the mother’s knee with adoration and love, it has propelled incredible men to gallant deeds just as empowered the humble to confront their preliminaries with grit and confidence.

The greatest epic, written thousands of years ago, still carries a similar mirror to society. Not only it demonstrates the wrongdoings, crimes, and its results but also its effects. There are several instances where one can learn valuable life lessons from this legend:

(1). Never Consent To The Requests Of A Senior Just Out Of Regard

Draupadi endured on the grounds that Arjuna or Yudhishtir didn’t have the mental fortitude to disapprove of their mom.

Kunti, saying, “Whatever it is, share it among yourselves”, leaving the cabin, saw that it wasn’t aided yet the most wonderful lady she had ever focused on, and stood stock still as the import of her words sank in on everyone present.

Pandav and Draupadi in Mahabharata

Kunti was oblivious of the way that her child Arjuna had married Draupadi. Arjuna after arriving at home tells his mom that he has won something unique.

Kunti, without seeing requests that he share it with his siblings. In the long run, every one of the 5 siblings wed all her their mom’s assertion. Also, when actuated by Shakuni, Duryodhana surrenders to an inappropriate piece of his intuitive.

(2). Great Deeds Of A Lifetime Don’t Guarantee Great Ending

Karna did a lot of good deeds during his lifetime. Consequently, he got scorn and revile. His decisions but questionable, his great deeds were irrefutable.

From his birth, Karna lived a life of struggle. Still, he continued to support the essential goodness of his character. In the end, Karna’s sacrifice went in vain only because of his choice.

(3). Presumptuousness Is The Base Of All Detestable. Betting Is Its Tree

The dice game has consistently come about as an awful sign in the Mahabharata story. The primary occurrence passings back to when the angry Duryodhana, who talked his father around, and welcomed Yudhishthira to another dice game.

This time, the condition was that the failure would go on a 12-year outcast pursued by a time of life in disguise. If they somehow happened to be found during this in disguise period, the washout would need to rehash the 12+1 cycle. The shakers game was played. Yudhishthira lost again and was sent to oust.

Dharma Raj was himself blameworthy of Adharma here. Whenever Yudhishthira (the ground-breaking) lost all that he possessed including his siblings during the round of shakers, he even promised his significant other, without minding to ask her authorization.

(4). Acknowledge Of A Misdemeanor Is Equally Culprit

The individual who quietly acknowledges bad behaviors is more mindful than the culprit.


It is each man’s obligation to ensure other men, ladies, and kids in peril. There is no getting away from this obligation.

Each of the 5 Pandavas was amazing to such an extent that they could have effectively spared Draupadi from maltreatment and affront. They didn’t save her. 5 of the most influential men were quiet.

However, Draupadi calls out to Lord Krishna to save herself. She never gave into the crime silently.

(5). Being Shrewd Is The Best Weapon

Karna was apparently the best warrior all things considered. As a matter of fact, not even Arjuna could coordinate his abilities and ability. His misinformed character defaced his shrewdness and judgment and inevitably prompted his ruin.

Unfortunately, he wasn’t savvy enough to settle on the correct decisions.

(6). Quit Giving Significance Just To The Male Youngster

The world knows, the entire Mahabharata takes place after one woman. However, Drupada (Draupadi’s father) and Dhritarashtra (Duryodhana’s father) both made history. Both ached for male kids. Draupadi made her dad pleased and Duryodhana wrecked his family and the Kaurava realm.

(7). Appearances Are Constantly Tricky

Never did Shakuni offer great guidance to Duryodhana. Toward the day’s end, both went into the legendary history books with awful notoriety. Your nearest could be plotting against you and you wouldn’t know.

Similarly, Karna remained oblivious to the fact that he was the child of queen Kunti and the Lord Sun.

(8). Never Judge An Individual Dependent On His Position

During Draupadi Swayamvar, Karna grabbed the bow and hung it in a minute, yet was kept from focusing when Draupadi pronounced she would not wed anybody from the Suta group.


In the event that Draupadi had not offended him, Karna would most likely have remained companions with her and perhaps even shielded her from that portentous day that prompted an epic fight.

(9). Anticipate The Best Yet Get Ready For The Most Exceedingly Terrible

The forceful incredible Pandavas needed to take a multi-year long banish. Further, Lord Krishna advice them not to take these 13 years calmly. Also, he requests them to plan and be prepared for the fight.

During these 13 years, Pandavas made their war procedures and developed in quality.

Just before the war cornet was sounded, Arjuna saw exhibited before him his relatives: his extraordinary granddad Bheeshma who had essentially brought him up, his instructors Kripa and Drona, his siblings the Kauravas, and, for a minute, his goals faltered.

Lord Krishna, the warrior second to none, had surrendered arms for this war and had chosen to be Arjuna’s charioteer. To him, Arjuna stated, “Take me back, Krishna. I can’t murder these individuals. They’re my father, my siblings, my instructors, my uncles, my children. What great is a kingdom that is picked up at the expense of their lives?”

At that point pursued a philosophical talk that has today turned into a different book without anyone else – the Bhagavad Gita.

Lord Krishna clarified the fleetingness of life to Arjuna and the significance of performing one’s responsibility and of adhering to the correct way. Arjuna grabbed his bow once more.

(10). The World Depends On Faith

In the whole Mahabharata Katha, one perspective has not received the noticeable quality it ought to have. The kinship between Ruler Krishna and Draupadi.

She had the most extreme confidence in him. Also, he vowed to be there for her every time she required him. At each stage, Krishna remained by Draupadi despite seemingly insurmountable opposition.

Notwithstanding when Draupadi looked for retribution against Duryodhana, promised to wash her hair with his blood, Krishna helped her recover her respect by satisfying her desire.

These were the major details about10 life lessons to be learned from Mahabharata. Also, you may like to read about Barbarika: The Unsung Hero of Mahabharata. 

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