Why do so many love relationships fail & give us the worst time of our life?


I have dated 3 women in my life. How many times have you dated?

I have been through 3 rough breakups. How many have you been through?

When we fall in love with someone, we never think about parting ways. We start imagining our life with our partner. We start panting them in all our thoughts & dreams. We want to be around them all the time & feel loved. Our partner becomes the most important person in our life in no time & we feel like doing anything & everything for them.

If we love so passionately, then why do so many love relationships fail?

Let me try to answer this from an Astrological point of view.

As per Astrology, those people came to our life to teach us lessons and they leave when their job is done. As they came to our life to teach us, we have been sent to their life to teach them their lessons.

How many people have you met whose life was transformed for good or bad after their breakup? I have met so many people who went from top to bottom and a few who rose from the dust to become the best. Mostly, I have seen people getting matured & wise after a failed relationship.

Have you met anyone who has had multiple love breakups? Of course, you had. You might be one of them 😛 I am.

So here is what happens! Either they learn a different lesson from every breakup or they keep doing the same mistakes in every relationship. Let me explain how it works.

Our planets behave in mysterious ways and they would keep teaching us till we learn the lessons it wanted to teach us. A lot of famous Astrologers have said humans can avoid their bad time in the future if they learn the lesson before that.

Just sit back and close your eyes to recall the moments when a certain event happened with you multiple times, till you give in to it and accepted it, & it just stopped happening after that.

The same happens in our relationships. We have to learn from our mistakes and accept them. Isn’t it the same thing everyone tells us to learn from our mistakes? Oh yes, it is the same thing.

Astrology is no different from our life in general. After all, it originated by studying human patterns 🙂

I hope you sit back and reflect on everything that had been happening in your life. I hope you find your own remedies from this.

Oh, I missed telling you the lessons I learn from my breakups. Let’s do it in some other post! About my first breakup, you can read here. Tada!

Love & Health 🙂

For more details, you can always chat with an Astrologer online.


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