Lucky Colour For Each Day Of The Week As Per Astrology

Lucky colour for each day of the week

Colours have a very powerful impact on us both scientifically and astrologically. To explain the former, if you wear dark-coloured clothes on a bright sunny day, it could result in irritation. However, wearing light-coloured clothes on sunny days can reduce any such irritation. Similarly, when we talk about colour astrology, there is a specific lucky colour for each day of the week

Colour astrology

In Vedic astrology, the fundamentals of research revolve around the role that Navgrahas or 9 planets in astrology play in our life. And after studying the effects and characteristics of these planets, we can find many things, including Lucky colour as per week day

The significance of colour, though documented after the evolution of concepts like VIBGYOR, however, such concepts were well known in Greek, Egypt and India of ancient times. Like the Earth is an emitter and reflector of various colours, similarly, sages are known to have studied what colours the astrology planets emit and reflect. And once they found the information, they came up with information such as – the colour of each astrology planet, lucky colour for each day of the week, etc.

Colours and their unique magic

Apart from the astrological definition, we also have scientific proofs that explain how colours influence our bodies. For example, in 1958, Robert Gerard found that the colour Red produced feelings of arousal and was disturbing, while the colour blue generates a feeling of tranquillity. Similarly, our blood pressure increase in the presence of the colour Red and decrease in the presence of the colour blue.

Similarly, as per the study of Dr John Ott, plants grow quicker in the presence of Red light and slow down in the presence of colour blue. However, the Red light can lead to stunted growth in plants while the blue colour makes the roots stronger. Similarly, Red colour is also used in casinos as it is said to make people unaware of how much time is passing by. Also, people mostly do not eat something that is blue in colour. Thus weight loss is more effective when you eat something while looking at the colour blue.

This is how, scientifically, colours affect our day to day life. However, astrologically too, colours have the same impact. In astrology, we often find lucky numbers and lucky colours. Thus the role of colour in life is inevitable. From strengthening the weak planets to averting an unfortunate happening. Lucky colours have a huge role to play.

With that being a fact, now let us look at what colour is governed by what planet.

Colours for all planets in astrology

Sun Red
Moon Pale White
Mars Red
Mercury Green
Venus Bright white and Light pink
Jupiter Yellow
Rahu Black
Ketu Red

This study is necessary because if a planet, say Sun, has a weak presence in your chart, then you may want to neutralize it. And this can be done by wearing planet Sun friendly colours. The same idea goes for other planets.

Colour of planet Sun 

  • The lucky colour of the planet Sun is Red. The Red colour in astrology represents energy and power. The colour is also a display of vitality and creativity. 
  • However, if you have any sort of heart trouble, you must not use this colour. 
  • The gemstone that goes with the colour red is Ruby. However, excess of Red can be harmful. So make sure the Ruby stone weight is decided carefully.
  • If you seek to strengthen the Sun in your chart, the simplest way to do so is to rely on red flower and saffron colour items.  

Colour of planet Moon 

  • The lucky colour of the planet Moon is pale white. This colour contains all the seven colours of the spectrum. 
  • White is the colour of peace. It leads towards spirituality and virtue. Wearing white colour not only strengthens the Moon in your kundli but also makes your head feel lighter. 
  • Pearl is the gemstone to strengthen Moon. Apart from pearls, things like curd, milk, white flowers can also be used to strengthen the moon.

Colour of planet Mars

  • The planet Mars emits yellowish rays. However, the colour associated with Mars in astrology is Red.
  • The difference between Sun red and Mars red is that the Sun red is about royalty while Mars red indicates violence.
  • The deficiency of Mars in kundli can lead to blood-related woes. However, excess Mars can lead to aggression. 
  • Red coral and Pink coral are the lucky gemstones to strengthen Mars in your kundli. 

Colour for planet Venus 

  • The lucky colour for the planet Venus is bright white. Here, the colour white represents sophistication. 
  • The one whose Venus needs to be balanced must wear diamonds more often.
  • Apart from diamond, you may also wear zircon or quartz to strengthen Venus.
  • The compatible items for the treatment of Venus in kundli are rose, saffron, lily, aloe vera, musali, etc. 

Colour for planet Mercury

  • The lucky colour for planet Mercury is green. The colour signifies harmony, hope and balance. 
  • The green colour is helpful in de-stressing the mood. It also calms agitated nerves. 
  • The colour green is very useful for pregnant women. Thus pregnant women must make sure they have the right balance of colour green around them. 
  • Excess of green can make a person lethargic and lazy.
  • Moreover, Lord Vishnu is symbolized by the colour green. Basil leaves are recommended for any sort of Mercury related problem. 

Colour of planet Jupiter 

  • The colour of planet Jupiter is yellow or yellowish-orange. These colours are said to have a warming effect on the native.
  • This colour is best to energise the nervous system. 
  • Yellow topaz or yellow sapphire is the best colour if you seek to strengthen Jupiter in your kundli. 
  • The favourable items for treatment of the planet Jupiter are cashew nuts, walnuts and ashwagandha.

Colour of planet Saturn 

  • The colour of the planet Saturn is black.
  • Many people have a question: Is it good to wear the colour black? The answer is yes if you have a habit of getting agitated. 
  • Black is a calming colour for an agitated person. However, its negative qualities are opposition, enmity, obstruction, etc.
  • Too much colour black can result in depression in humans.
  • Black sesame, urad, iron, triphala, etc are some of the compatible items used to treat planet Saturn deficiency in the chart.
  • The compatible gemstone for Saturn planet is the blue sapphire.

Colour of planet Rahu

  • Just like Saturn, the planet Rahu is also represented by the colour black. 
  • Gomedha is the gemstone that you need to look out for if you are facing issues because of planet Rahu in kundli. 
  • Camphor, bayberry, eucalyptus, sandalwood, lotus, etc. must be used to avert the harmful effect of planet Rahu.

Colour of planet Rahu

  • The colour of the planet Ketu is brown. 
  • Juniper, wild ginger, skullcap etc are best used to counter the harmful effects of the planet Ketu.
  • The favourable gemstone for Ketu planet is the cat’s eye. 

Lucky colour as per the day of the week

Once we have found the colour associated with each planet in astrology, finding the lucky colour for each day of the week is relatively simple. All you need to do is find what planet rules what day of the week. And based on the same, you will know what is the lucky colour for a particular day.

Going by the same formula:

Lucky colour for Sunday as per astrology 

  • As the name suggests, Sunday is the day of the planet Sun. So the lucky colour for Sunday is Red.
  • As per astrology, paying homage to the Sun on Sunday by wearing the colour Red helps in achieving salvation.
  • However, you don’t have to dress like a firecracker to get the best of the Sun. Simply keep a red colour hanky or wear the Ruby gemstone. 

Lucky colour for Monday as per astrology 

  • Monday, as per astrology, is the day of the Moon. The lucky colour of the Moon planet is White. 
  • Monday’s are best to honour the feminine energy in us as the Moon is a feminine planet. 
  • Wearing the colour white on Monday is not only lucky but also reduces stress. 
  • Moon also inspires the natives to be their communicative best. The lucky gemstone to please Moon is pearl.

Lucky colour for Tuesday as per astrology 

  • Tuesday is the day of planet Mars. And like we have mentioned above, the lucky colour for Mars is Red.
  • However, the Mars red can denote anger. Thus excessive Red must not be worn.
  • If you are travelling on Tuesday, make sure you keep some sort of red by your side. 
  • Red coral is one of the most balanced things you can wear on Tuesday or if you were born on Tuesday.
  • If you tend to have a preponderance of pitta (fire) dosha in your constitution, a necklace made of red coral can help soothe it.

Lucky colour for Wednesday as per astrology 

  • The lucky colour for Wednesday is Green. The day is ruled by the planet Mercury.
  • Wednesday is the day of mind and self-care. Thus you must surround yourself with the colour green to enjoy creative thinking.
  • Apart from creative thinking, the colour also calms the wits.  

Lucky colour for Thursday as per astrology 

  • As most of you would know, the lucky colour for Thursday is yellow, and the Lord of Thursday is planet Jupiter.
  • Jupiter in astrology is the planet of abundance and luck. Thus pleasing Jupiter has its own benefits.
  • Like the Moon, Jupiter is also a social planet. Thus it is best that you spend it with your loved ones on Thursday. 
  • Any act of donation on Thursday makes Jupiter happy. Amber ring should be your go-to accessory to please Jupiter.  

Lucky colour for Friday as per astrology 

  • Friday is the day of venus as per astrology. Thus the lucky colour for Friday is bright white and shades of pink.
  • Venus is the planet of sensuality, art and creativity. It is a divine feminine planet, and pleasing Venus can enhance your romantic life.
  • People in any kind of art-related field must wear white or light shades of pink. 

Lucky colour for Saturday as per astrology 

  • Lastly, Saturday is ruled by the planet Saturn. And the colour for Saturn is black. 
  • Saturn is said to be a great teacher in astrology. Thus astrologers recommend that some black should always be by your side.
  • According to Jyotish, the mountains exude the positive aspects of Saturn energy, making Saturdays ideal for trekking.

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