Maha Navami Kanya Pujan: Honoring the Divine Feminine


Navratri, a nine-night Hindu festival dedicated to the goddess Durga, culminates with Maha Navami, the ninth day. On this auspicious day, one of the significant rituals performed by devotees is the Kanya Pujan, where young girls, often referred to as “Kumaris,” are worshipped as embodiments of the divine feminine energy. In this blog post, we will explore the significance and rituals of Maha Navami Kanya Pujan and its role in celebrating the divine feminine.

The Significance of Maha Navami Kanya Pujan

Maha Navami is the penultimate day of Navratri and holds special significance. It is believed to be the day when Goddess Durga finally defeated the demon Mahishasura after a fierce battle. As the victory of good over evil, Maha Navami is a day of immense spiritual power.

Kanya Pujan, also known as Kumari Puja, is performed on this day to honor the divine energy that resides within young girls. The ritual symbolizes the worship of the young form of the goddess and acknowledges the purity and innocence associated with childhood.

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The Rituals of Kanya Pujan

1. Inviting Young Girls:

Families and communities prepare for Kanya Pujan by inviting a group of young girls, typically between the ages of 2 and 10, to their homes or to a designated place of worship. These girls are considered to be the living representations of the goddess.

2. Traditional Dress and Adornments:

The girls are dressed in traditional attire, often resembling goddess Durga, with bright-colored dresses, jewelry, and red vermillion (sindoor) adorning their foreheads.

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3. Feet Washing:

The ritual begins with washing the feet of the young girls as a sign of purification. Water mixed with turmeric is used for this purpose.

4. Applying Tilak:

After washing their feet, a tilak (a mark made with vermillion and rice) is applied to the girls’ foreheads as a symbol of blessings and protection.

5. Offering Puja Items:

The young girls are then seated and offered traditional puja items, including flowers, incense, lamps, fruits, sweets, and new clothes. The offerings symbolize devotion, purity, and prosperity.

6. Aarti and Mantras:


Aarti (a ceremonial prayer with lamps) is performed, and mantras are chanted to invoke the blessings of the goddess. The girls may also participate in the singing of devotional songs.

7. Distributing Prasad:

After the ritual is complete, prasad (blessed food) is distributed to the young girls as well as to the devotees present. It is considered highly auspicious to partake in this prasad.

The Spiritual Significance

Kanya Pujan on Maha Navami serves as a reminder of the divinity that resides within every girl and woman. It emphasizes the importance of respecting and cherishing the feminine energy and nurturing the qualities of purity, innocence, and strength associated with it.

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Additionally, the ritual reflects the belief that young girls, as symbols of the goddess, possess the power to remove negativity and bring blessings to the household. By honoring them, devotees seek the divine mother’s protection and blessings for their families.


Maha Navami Kanya Pujan is not only a beautiful and spiritually enriching ritual but also a celebration of the divine feminine in its purest form. It reminds us to recognize and honor the divine presence in all women and girls and to uphold values of love, respect, and equality for all, regardless of gender. As devotees perform this ritual, they not only seek the blessings of the goddess but also acknowledge the importance of nurturing and empowering the young girls who represent the future.

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