Man earns 5-crore after astrologer’s prediction comes true

True astrology prediction

Story by – Aman, an Astrotalk customer.

I have always been extremely suspicious about astrology. So much that I didn’t even consider matching mine and my wife’s horoscopes before we got married. 

Regardless, my wife has always believed in astrology. And she gets this strong belief in astrology from her mother, who, back in the day, used to visit an astrologer and now would talk to astrologers online about even the smallest problem of ours.

Born in a family of businessmen, since childhood, I have always dreamt of starting my own business. And although I did quit my job to start one in 2017, but the same was not doing well. 

In a nutshell, I was in dire need of funds to revive it. 

So, this time when my mother-in-law visited us (as we had planned a trip to Kedarnath), my wife told her about my ailing business. And her immediate reply was – “talk to astrologer na, beta. Sab kuch sahi sahi batate hai ye.” 

She also gave me an astrologer’s phone number who she was in touch with. However, the Mom and daughter duo couldn’t convince me to take the astrology session anyway.

Soon, we left for Kedarnath along with my mother-in-law’s inclination towards astrology. More than visiting the temple, she was actually excited about meeting an astrologer there who – she claimed – was very famous. She had even asked me to come along, and this time I couldn’t deny under the pretext that I was working or simply busy.

After visiting Kedarnath, we went to visit the ‘famous’ astrologer who now happens to be an astrologer on Astrotalk. 

Within two minutes of interaction with the astrologer, my mother-in-law told him that I was a non-believer in astrology. The astrologer smiled and somehow decided to start the session with me.  

He then took my right palm and started the most interesting monologue. The astrologer told me the details of my origin (that I settled in this small town, came from Mumbai, and my wife is from Bangalore, etc.). He further went on to narrate my wife’s origins, including how many siblings we both have and the alphabet that their name starts with. He accurately described the circumstances which made me come to this city. He was even aware of my son’s hobbies and grades. 

He then went on to reveal many more things about us that we once thought only we knew. In fact, what he revealed next was something even we didn’t know. 

He told me that I am the owner of an unclaimed land, once purchased by my father, that I have no idea about. Had he not been so accurate until now, I would have termed his statement as an attempt to fraud me. I asked him to share with us the specifics about the land but he was of the opinion that it is something we need to find on our own.

Soon, we left the ashram, and on our way back home, all I could think of was about the prediction. The obvious thing I did after reaching home was re-look at all the important papers my father had left behind. I even went to my father’s friends and business partners to tell them about the prediction and ask them whether they knew anything about any such land.

I got nothing and gave up after two weeks of effort. My belief in astrology was again at its lowest.

After three months, I was at the income tax office for some work when the prediction again hit my mind. As a last try, I decided to check my father’s tax records. To my surprise, there was one record that confirmed a property purchase that I had no idea about. As I did some research, I found that my father, and now me, own a piece of land outside the city, which he bought 36 years ago and never told us about. 

When I sold the land to invest the same money into my business, the property was worth Rs 5-crore.

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