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Numerology in Hindi

Numbers play a very crucial role in our life. We are attached with numbers in every aspect. Our birth time is mentioned in numbers, the contact number is in number format, house no., net worth and a lot more things counted in numbers etc.

Numerology explores the mystic relationship between numbers in a person’s life and corresponding events. In Numerology, each and every number is noteworthy. However, we give some extra importance to master numbers. These three master numbers are 11, 22 and 33. Some astrologer also points out 44,55 and 66 as master no. However, they don’t hold much focused and charged energy.

1. Master Number 11

Number 11

Stands For Vision

Number 11 holds a very special significance and it is the most instinctive number among all numbers. It is considered a master because this number contains a digit 1 twice. 11 stands for brilliance, reactivity and mental energy.

If you have master number 11 in your birth chart, then do not refuse your special presence. Utilize all your inner spirit to move towards growth and firmness. This is a number of trusts, associated with saints and prophets.

Positive Aspects

You have a general understanding of all sectors. You will gain a lot of respect, understand feeling of others and a master to adapt yourself in all situations very easily.

Negative Aspects

Natives are workaholic. They spend the majority of time doing work. They hate relaxing. Natives are hypersensitive and sometimes this may lead them towards suicidal conditions.

2. Master Number 22

Number 22

Stands For Vision With Action

This master number holds a special power, which can turn all your fantasy dreams in reality. Number 22 is limitless, yet very disciplined. It reflects your confidence, leadership and management skills.

If you have number 22 in your chart, you need to be very practical in your life. You possess a great ability to be successful. It has seemed that it leads you towards those goals which are even bigger than your personal life goals. Natives with number 22 in the chart are mostly a planner, a leader, or an intellectual.

Positive Aspects

Famous people Leonardo Da Vinci, Will Smith and John Kerry are born with number 22 in their birth chart. Their mind vision is high, perform complex tasks in a very easy way. Their knowledge automatically makes a path to success for them.

Negative Aspects

Some times due to overconfidence, their engagement in a complex job is possible. Native generally focuses too much on wealth creation, it moves them away from their original path.

3. Master Number 33

Number 33

Stands For Guide To The World

Number 33 holds its nickname as “Master Teacher”. Number 33 is the sum of numbers 11 and 22, which results in bringing its potential to the next level. It creates a high level of dedication to spiritual matters.

Having number 33 in your birth chart leads you towards the works related to mankind. You will be highly desirable and fast mover towards ideas and goals. Seeing Number 33 in its full swing is very rare.

Positive Aspects

They are multi-tasker, comfortable to work on multiple projects at a single time. Natives are full of maturity in terms of social relations. Number 33 brings enjoy moments in their life too.

Negative Aspects

Natives are full of anger. They are too aggressive and sometimes this aggressiveness puts up hurdles in their life. In terms of emotions, their life is not balanced.

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