Mercury Transit 2020 in Gemini- 4 Zodiac Signs will be most Lucky

Mercury Transit in Aries 2022

Mercury is going to move out of Taurus sign and move into Gemini zodiac. This transit will take place on the 25th of May 2020. This major movement will have several effects on the zodiac signs. The number of changes may be both negative and positive depending on its placement. While we are dealing with the Coronavirus pandemic, the Mercury transit 2020 in Gemini will prove to be lucky for these 3 zodiac signs.

Mercury Transit 2020 in Gemini- Aries

This auspicious movement will be most benefited by the Aries sign. You will feel a sense of responsibility towards your family and will take up the job well. The fun and cheerful will take a break and you will evolve as a better person. You will consider others’ feelings and lend a shoulder to a friend in need. It is the period for you to indulge in the creative aspects of life. You will be amazed by the amount of talent you had suppressed all this while.

Moreover, health-wise this is the best time to take up new exercise routines. Also, your immunity will be at its peak and will get over a disease soon enough. Individuals in a relationship can expect absolute serenity with their partners.

Mercury Transit 2020 in Gemini- Taurus

Professionally the bull of astrology will yield positive results. You can expect recognition for your hard work and also a raise is anticipated in the cards. However, keep in mind some people may try to pull up down a degrade your character. Keep an eye if you smell suspicion. Romantically it will be the best time to propose the one you admire, the ball will be in your court.

Mercury Transit 2020 in Gemini- Gemini

This movement will bring immense bliss in a Gemini life. Job seeking people will get the desired work and position. The salary will be up to your expectations. Nevertheless, make sure to complete tasks before time or you will land into trouble. Love is in the air as your relationship will reach heights.

Furthermore, you will be full of energy and will participate in physical activities. It is a great time to start a healthy diet that will keep you rejuvenated.

Mercury Transit 2020 in Gemini- Aquarius

As an Aquarius everything will work according to plan. You will learn a new thing or two. You need to visit the doctor for regular checkups, to keep health ailments at bay. Financial gains will be witnessed in this planetary transit, just don’t stress over trivial issues. Love life will blossom with the cooperation of both parties. You will overcome hurdles that were causing you sleepless nights.

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