Mercury Transit in Aries 2020- Impact on Each Zodiac Sign

Mercury Transit in Aries

Mercury is the planet that signifies wisdom and intelligence in an individual. In Vedic Astrology, it is the ruling planet of Gemini and Virgo. In fact, this planet is also called Budh in Indian tradition. However, sometimes the effect of the planet can prove to be malefic depending on its position in your natal chart. Mercury transit in Aries will take place on 25th April 2020

People born with a strong presence of Mercury in their charts pose to sharp thinkers and great analysts. Moreover, this planetary movement is after the Solar New Year. Its impact on each zodiac will be as following:

Effects of Mercury Transit in Aries on Aries

As the mercury moves into Aries it will create a favorable environment for spiritual people. It will thus benefit your mind and soul. In fact, the planet transit will be lucky for the people born under the Aries sign.

Moreover, it will be time to avail of new opportunities. Also, you may have the inclination and spiritual aspects of life after the transit.

Effects of Mercury Transit in Aries on Taurus

It is going to be the ideal time for all the Taureans the planet moves into Aries. you may volunteer into charity acts like helping the ones in need. Single bulls can finally end up in a relationship by the end of the month.

However, make sure to control your expenses. Make sure to put your best foot forward in whatever you wish to endeavor. Drink enough water and take 6 to 8 hours of sleep daily, your health will be restored.

Effects of Mercury Transit in Aries on Gemini

This will be an ideal time for one’s planning a family. Also, long term investment will reap fruits soon. A time for Geminis to take proper care of their health. If you are suffering from respiratory issues then extra attention is needed.

You may face some conflicts with your partner during this time. So make sure you create some common ground for both of you. Other than that from a business point of view it will be the most favorable time.

Effects of Mercury Transit in Aries on Cancer

For Cancerians, this planetary transit is a wake-up call to act upon whatever they have been planning for long. Say goodbye to procrastination and work hard towards your goal. Also, this movement of mercury will cause you to be more sociable. You might make new friends or reconnect with old friends.

Healthwise there won’t be any discrepancies. If you are in a relationship this time will prove worthy for you. Spend time with your partner and strengthen your bond with him.

Effects of Mercury Transit in Aries on Leo

If you were looking to earn that extra money this time will be the most favorable for Leos. Whereas beware of any injuries as this may cause serious ailments. If you are looking forward to an investment, hold back for some time.

All the singles enjoy your solace as you may fall prey to someone’s malicious intentions. It will be the best time to create a strong bond with your siblings.

Effects of Mercury Transit in Aries on Virgo

This transit will be lucky for Virgo sign especially when it comes to love. You will finally meet your soulmate for real. The ones already in a relationship will have a peaceful time with your partners.

At the workplace, things will be pretty smooth and you may even receive a promotion. Financially the transit will prove lucky for you.

Effects of Mercury Transit in Aries on Libra

Libra as per the planetary positions there might be some tension in your relationship. Its high time to take the necessary action that will either end things or mend the bond. For all the singles this is the time to analyze your options.

Spend time with family and you will see how strong your bond is with your mother. However, you need to avoid staying up late at night. Go to bed before 11 in order to restore your mind and body.

Effects of Mercury Transit in Aries on Scorpio

As for Scorpios its time to be more open with your partner. Talk to them whatever you are trying to keep it in. Moreover, single Scorpios there’s a proposal on your way that you had been waiting for too long.

Healthwise you are very careless, in order to lead a healthy life try to make healthy choices. Finances will be at ease and there’s nothing major predicted here.

Effects of Mercury Transit in Aries on Sagittarius

Sagittarius sign will experience some challenges at the workplace. You need to put in a lot of hard work to achieve the desired result. Also, avoid investing in real estate you may suffer from the loss.

If you have entered a relationship then love will blossom. You may feel rejuvenated and love will flow seamlessly. Make sure to practice meditation to get away will all the work pressure.

Effects of Mercury Transit in Aries on Capricorn

Capricorns its time for you to put your dreams into action. This planetary movement will be the best time for you to achieve your long-pending goal. Take care of your physical health as it can alter your emotional health too.

Keep your relationship exciting by not getting boredom to overpower. Single Capricorns enjoy your courtship period and don’t rush into a relationship. Romance is in the cards for the married couples, spark the love again.

Effects of Mercury Transit in Aries on Aquarius

Aquarians you can face some politics at your job. So stay cautious of malicious intentions of the one who seems harmless. If you have breathing issues you need to take extra precautions, especially during the pandemic.

It is possible that an old lost love may knock your door. It is up to you if you want to be more than friends or just leave it like that. Other than that your relationship with your spouse may be a little tensed than usual.

Effects of Mercury Transit in Aries on Pisces

You may enjoy something that you never really thought as a Pisces you would. You will have a sane environment in the workplace. Moreover, your creativity will be at its peak during this period.

Flirting with your colleague may lead to something serious. You will be surprised at the person you were in the search was right in front of you all this while.

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