Mercury Transit in Pisces 2020- Impact on Each Zodiac Sign

Mercury Transit in Pisces 2020- Impact on Each Zodiac Sign

Traditionally the ruler of the 11th House, Mercury, presently rules over the 3rd House. It is the planet of expression of day to day life and relationships. It governs the skills, intellect, grasping capacity, and intelligence of a person. It is the messenger of gods and ruler of Gemini and Virgo. Initially this year, Mercury transit in Capricorn took place on January 13, 2020, Monday at 11:44. Further, it entered in Aquarius on January 31, 2020, Friday at 03:02

Mercury Transit in Pisces 2020 is taking place on April 7, 2020, Tuesday at 14:34. Read on its impact on each sign-

Effect of Mercury Transit in Pisces 2020 on Aries

For Aries, the first of the zodiac circle, Mercury will rule over your 3rd House and 6th House. The sixth house signifies health, enemies, debts, sickness, and daily life.

Gradually, your health may have a declining. There are multiple health issues that you may have to come across. For instance, insomnia and skin diseases.

On the other hand, Mercury will bless you with success and growth. Your efforts at the workplace will receive appreciation. You can expect fame. In addition to this, your earnings will be improved.

Effect of Mercury Transit in Pisces 2020 on Taurus

For Taurus, your 2nd House and 5th House. Additionally, it will be in your 11th House. It signifies social circle, friends, colleagues, elder brother, and well-wisher.

As Mercury is a dear planet to your sing lord Venus, thus, there will be great profits coming your way. It will expand your ventures and business. You may make investments and get profit. If there is a pending task, you can expect the completion. Your career will take a hike and you will enjoy it at your workplace. Also, you can expect financial and personal freedom.

Effect of Mercury Transit in Pisces 2020 on Gemini

For Geminis, Mercury is your sign lord. It will be in your house of the ascendant. Alongside this, it will be in your 4th House.

The transit will offer you optimum opportunities. It will plant great chances for you. You will make the right decisions and push your life forward. Additionally, it will create a good scenario at your workplace. However, stay away from overconfidence. It can cause problems.

Effect of Mercury Transit in Pisces 2020 on Cancer

For Cancerians, your 3rd House and 12th House will be under the rule of Mercury. Besides, it will be in your 9th House. It signifies spirituality, religious instinct, good deeds, and dharma.

This transit will bring you an opportunity from a foreign land. You might visit a new country soon. There are chances for you to go for higher studies in abroad. Your wisdom, skills, and grasping abilities will get support from Mercury. You will grow and improve. Also, with great efforts, you will move in the right direction in your life.

Effect of Mercury Transit in Pisces 2020 on Leo

For Leo, Mercury will enter in your 8th House. As it is debilitated in this house, the planet may cause hindrance. However, there will be favorable results in the end.

During the transit, your income may fall. If you are in a particular venture, it will fall drastically. You are going to face economic losses. However, there are chances of sudden gains. Besides, you need to take care of your health. Unnecessary tension may cause stress and health issues. So, practice patience.

Eventually, there will be good opportunities. Therefore, your economic situation will get better. You will receive the support from your family during your tough time.

Effect of Mercury Transit in Pisces 2020 on Virgo

For Virgo, Mercury will govern your 10th House. Additionally, it will be in your 7th House. 10th House signifies career and 7th House signifies love & partner.

Under the influence of this transit, you will receive favorable situations in your workplace. You will perform exceptionally well. Owing to this, you will receive a promotion in your hands soon. On top of it, you’ll get a hike. Lots of exciting new projects and tasks are coming your way. If you are in a business, you can expect a hike in the sale. With your intelligence, you will be able to make better opportunities for yourself. You can tackle stress. However, do not neglect your health issues.

Effect of Mercury Transit in Pisces 2020 on Libra

For Librans, your 9th House and 12th house will fall under the rule of miraculous Mercury. In addition to this, it will be in your 6th House. It signifies enemies, debts, health, sickness, and daily life.

You should not expect great results during this transit. As Mercury is not fruitful in this house, there may not be many good outcomes for you. During this transit, you will have to work hard to have success. There may be several interruptions in your task. Thus, you will be anxious. Herein, your income may also decrease. In your domestic life, you need to be extra careful regarding your health. Take special care of your diet. Besides, stay away from unnecessary debates.

Effect of Mercury Transit in Pisces 2020 on Scorpio

For Scorpio, Mercury will rule over your 8th House and 11th House. Additionally, it will rule over your 5th House. This house signifies playfulness, joy, romance & pleasure. Mercury will be debilitated in this house. Therefore, the transit will bring your mixed results.

During the transit, you will remain confused when it will come to communicating with your partner. On one hand, you will be sweet as ice cream and on the other hand, you will be anxious and angry. When it will come to acknowledging their thoughts, you might find it difficult. Perhaps, this may create small chaos between you and them. So, keep track of your behavior. Contrary to this, you may purchase some luxury. There are chances of growth in your professional life.

Effect of Mercury Transit in Pisces 2020 on Sagittarius

For Sagittarians, Mercury will govern your 7th House and 10th House. In addition, it will transit in your 4th House. As Mercury is your ruling lord, the transit will affect you more than others. As the 4th house represents your relationship with your mother, your roots, real estate, land, and vehicles.

Under this situation, the impact of your personal life will flaunt on your career. Thus, you will need to maintain harmony between the two. Meanwhile, your enthusiasm will grow and you will feel confident. Also, you will see financial gains and have a helpful phase for your financial situation.

Effect of Mercury Transit in Pisces 2020 on Capricorn

For the Capricorn goats, Mercury will influence your luck. It will rule over your 6th House and 9th House. Additionally, it will transit in your 3rd House. This house represents travel, family, neighbors, hobbies, wardrobe, intelligence, and mental wellbeing.

During the transit takes place, you need to take special care of your communication skills. As Mercury’s presence in your sign is debilitated, it can draw a negative impact. Thus, your voice or tone may harm your loved ones. So, keep yourself calm.

The effect of Mercury transit in Pisces will encourage you to understand more complex ventures. However, it will also help you more profitably make deals. Therefore, new agreements and contracts are highly likely to be signed during this time.

Effect of Mercury Transit in Pisces 2020 on Aquarius

For Aquarians, Mercury will rule over your 5th House and 8th House. In addition, it will enter in your 2nd House. This house is also known by the name of Dhana Bhava. It signifies income, wealth, possession, and luxuries. Also, it governs over your body organs like eyes, tongue, teeth, mouth, facial bones, and so on.

During this transit, you will address people in a shady way. You will have a mysterious tone. As a result, people around you will find it difficult to understand. They might take you wrong too often. There will be a state of confusion. However, you will get great chances to make money. In addition to this, you need to take special care of your eating habits. Eating too much fast food can be a major problem at this time.

Effect of Mercury Transit in Pisces 2020 on Pisces

As Mercury transit is taking place in your sign, you will bear a tremendous amount of its impact. Primarily, it will be in your house of Ascendant. In addition, it will rule over your 4th House and 7th House.

During this period, your abilities, intellectual capabilities, and concentration power will take a specific influence of this transit. You may take decisions in a hurry and will not think about the upcoming. Thus, it may create hindrance in the future. So, beware. Think before you take action.

Talking about your professional life, your business will flourish and you will witness success. There will be an elder person with experience who will guide you well.

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