Most sensitive zodiac sign- Talk To Them With Utmost Care

Most sensitive zodiac sign

Everybody in this world is imperfect, even the arrangement of your stars to tell you about the way you feel things. Sensitive characteristics are shown by all the zodiac signs, but some feel it is the exact amount while others take it proportionately.

The meaning of high sensitivity is feeling more deeply than others. Basically overreacting mostly due to overthinking. The good things about these people are that they can explain you things in detail infinitely many times, they are great team players. Also if understood well they can last forever. It’s a very good thing to be highly sensitive as you always want to do good for others. Do you feature in the most sensitive people? Let’s find it out from your sign. Here are the top four signs


(congratulate yourself to survive this much)

The mother of all zodiac sign. Just like a mother, you love your child (person, things, pet, etc.) and in return, you always get a stupid child who will always run for his own desires and forget you. You really struggle to let things go and don’t know there is something called moving on.

You are just one person away from heaven and that is what you really deserve. This world is just too harsh for you to be sensitive. So crabs tighten your hard exoskeleton and keep you vulnerable part inside. Just wait for the right person to come, and believe me it will happen to you sooner or later just be inside. Someday, someone will pull you out and set you free.


(emotionally wrecked divas)

You are your worst enemy. I know being a water sign you are sensitive but the biggest problem with you is that you show it off to others, digging a hole for yourself. Stop complaining about what you have lost, to the person who can’t feel your pain as they haven’t lost anything. Even if you want to cry, lock yourself up. Cry alone.

There are two fishes swimming towards each other in the Pisces zodiac sign. It has meaning. A fish is always eaten by a bigger fish which is eaten by an even bigger one and this goes on and on. If you want to survive in this ocean, just be in your school (a group of fishes) and don’t keep transferring.


(anger management issues)

The hulk of the zodiac sign, turning green from Dr. Bruce Banner, with no prior notice. Even when you are hurt, you don’t expose your vulnerable side to others and keep creating pressure inside yourself, until one day completely breaking all the barriers and puking everything out. You are like a time bomb likely to explode at any moment. This can be really dangerous for you and the people around you. Just give it one more shot and keep it inside for one more time, try to take one step at a time.  


(crying kitty)

The problem is not exactly crying, but crying without knowing what is the exact problem. Just like lions, the most important thing is handle with care, you are touchy, naturally sensitive, and when unnecessarily harassed they roar with full and loud throat and will attack anyone. The best thing for Leos is to try to stay alone, stay away from your pride for some time. Remember that you are the king of the jungle and you require nobody. Don’t be a cub under momma’s shadow, go out in the sun, and learn the art to hunt for your survival.

These were the top four, based on the rankings the next for are Aries, Libra, Gemini, and Virgo respectively.

Taurus and Sagittarius are the two best signs who showcase the best possible sensitive nature for other zodiac signs.

Capricorns and Aquarius are too easygoing with their least sensitive character.   

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