5 Things to MUST DO When Your Ex Reaches You Again

5 Things to MUST DO When Your Ex Reaches You Again

In a world full of mess, Exs are the worst to happen.

In the majority of the cases, people separate due to the diverse behavior they comprise. Besides, there are some different cases. Apparently, we will not talk about them today. Easy-peasy, otherwise it will relocate our focus.

So, one day you are just sitting, chilling on your sofa and you receive a call. A sweet voice from the past flashes all the bitter-sweet memories with “Hey, how are you? or Hey I miss you”. It suddenly put a pause on the surrounding and all you could think is “what do I do now?”. Hearing from your ex definitely makes you wonder a thousand reasons behind the call. After all, you did not separate over a slice of pizza.

Well, people are not evil all the time. They can miss you and still not want you back. They might just miss your company, the things you used to laugh about and what you cherished together. However, accepting an Ex again in your life would unequivocally a mistake. It is a big NO-NO.

So, what should I do when my Ex wants to get in touch again? Here are the 5 things to must do when your ex reaches you again-

Boundaries are a MUST

At first, draw a boundary line and keep yourself before it.

It is a disrespectful behavior though. Yet, depending on if you walked out of the relationship hurt then the boundary is a must. Your ex must not have your warm gesture if they have hurt you in the past.

Don’t ask much about their life. Don’t show interest. And don’t let them take a deep glance at your life.

Being Nice to Ex is Not the Only Option

People commonly let go of the hurt of past relationships. It’s great. Thus, when after a while the other person returns, they treat them with generosity. No.

If you think “I was with them for so long, how can I treat them wrong?” then please remember, just like you were with them, you happened not to be at a time. So, being nice to them is not the only answer you have. Besides, don’t show as if you care about the past happenings. Just let them know quickly that their mistakes are alive in your memory.

Keep Your Life on a Halt because of an Ex? NOOOO.

So what if they wish to come back. Wasn’t there a time when couldn’t just be around you?

You must no put life on hold just because a person who left and is now willing to return. Keep having fun. Go out. Even if you talk to them, don’t skip your plan because of them. You must go to meet others too.

And most importantly, don’t keep it as your little secret. Its the sign of intimacy. Keep your friends informed about then.

Here are tips to Move On, just in you want.

Maintain a Firm Behavior

This time, choose what you like.

You don’t have to go for what they wish. Choose what is the best of your interests. Be honest and prefer the defense of your feelings. And don’t feel sorry about it.

Put in front of them whatever you want. Even if takes you to sound a little rude, choose to confront. You may go all like “don’t bother me for something stupid” or “don’t try to fool around again”. It’s completely fine.

Don’t Forget the Past

Remember what happened to you and to your heart when they left?

Yes. This one feeling is important to put as a shield between you and them. The memory of whatever ate your relationship is what will save you from another disturbing experience. Once you recall what took place, think again. Think if you really wish to continue talking with that person.

Memories from the past relationship turn love to appear like a myth. You know it was there. Yet, it doesn’t make a big difference rather than in your fantasies. So, after you recall things, make a decision whether you want to contact them or not.

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