Facts about the hidden zodiac sign- Ophiuchus

Ophiuchus the hidden zodiac sign

The discovery of the 13 zodiac sign ”Ophiuchus” put the world into a storm. Ophiuchus sign present long ago but only as a constellation.

Have you ever wondered that although you’re said to be a Sagittarius, you don’t suit the established characteristics and details?

Worry not! We’ve got you covered. Because you weren’t a Sagittarian in the first place. People born between November 30 and December 17, are now officially classified as Ophiuchusian. Yes, you belong to the rarest and most unique sign as there is no polar opposite to your zodiac sign.

Position of Ophiuchus in the Galaxy

  • Right Ascension: 17.18 hours

Ophiuchus ranges 948 square degrees in the region. Also, the southern part lies between Scorpius to the west and Sagittarius to the east. The situation of Ophiuchus is:

  • Declination: – 4.24 degrees
  • Unmistakable: between 80 degrees and – 80 degrees
  • Best seen: In July around 9 p.m.
Position of Ophiuchus in the Galaxy

Ophiuchus- Antiquity

This sign depends on a genuine individual who lived in old Egypt and was called Imhotep.

He was otherwise called Asklepios/Aesclepius by the Greeks and was the principal specialist in antiquity going back to the 27 BC. The story goes that he once executed a snake which was going to assault him.

Following he had struck the snake dead, in any case, another snake went into the stay with a herb in its mouth and resuscitated the fallen snake.

Then, Asklepios took the herb and in this way started his therapeutic profession. In any case, with him restoring dead individuals back to life, it would imply that all of humankind would wind up eternal which couldn’t be permitted.

Also, along these lines, Zeus struck him dead. Be that as it may, regarded him by permitting him a spot in the stars. The therapeutic calling praises Imhotep with the pole of Asclepius (known as the Caduceus) which has two snakes interwoven around it.  The term Ophiuchus actually signifies ‘snake’ and ‘holding’ in Greek.

Thus, the Ophiuchus star has consistently been around the state. The most current zodiac sign falls under the Scorpio and Sagittarius signs and it is said that individuals who are conceived between the period November 30 – December 17 fall under the Ophiuchus star and have certain Ophiuchus attributes to show. Give us a chance to think about a portion of these qualities and attributes in the accompanying sections.

Ophiuchus Personality Traits

Individuals who fall under this sign are learning and shrewdness searchers and attempt to earn the equivalent for the duration of their lives.

  • It is their prosperity that wins them, numerous envious spectators, just as adversaries with the hostile stare.
  • It is an indication that draws in a ton of good karma and favors.
  • They are instinctive and have a ton of foreknowledge.
  • These individuals hope to mend and achieve a higher position throughout everyday life.
  • They think with their souls.
  • These individuals are direct and genuine.

They loathe oppressive principles and confinements and love their space and opportunity to investigate new roads and fulfill their interest.

Ophiuchus like to exceed expectations in whatever they take up and need to be the best in that specific field. Hence, they are very open about their perspectives on fluctuated subjects and like to express their suppositions.

These people are warm up to various types of individuals and appreciate the assortment that various gatherings offer. In any case, a few people of this zodiac additionally will in general break these kinships on the off chance that they find that these companions have no utilization in their lives.

They have an exceptional love for expressions and language and are profoundly energetic about seeking after the equivalent.

This quality can spill into their connections also and they probably won’t be the perfect possibility for a monogamous relationship.

They can have hissy fits and a toxic substance tongue, with the end goal that what they state can be extremely destructive. 

They have a mocking comical inclination. Hence will, in general, make not many companions who can comprehend this streak in them and can take it in their very own walk.

Ophichius Compatibility

Highly compatible:

Ophiuchus Pisces, Ophiuchus Sagittarius

Good compatibility:

Ophiuchus Aries, Ophiuchus Cancer, Ophiuchus Libra, Ophiuchus Scorpio.

Low compatibility:

Ophiuchus Aquarius, Ophiuchus Leo, Ophiuchus Virgo, Ophiuchus Taurus.


For this indication of the zodiac, restorative sciences might be the absolute best conceivable occupation to seek after.

The Ophiuchus sign will, in general, have a solid despise for routine, and should be associated with expert circumstances in which things are continually changing, and new advances are continually tagging along. Ophiuchus standards mending, pharmacists, charge authorities and treatment-related callings.

Thus, Ophiuchans have an imaginative nature regularly conveying everything that needs to be conveyed as writers, artists, on-screen characters, searchers of advanced education and managers or supervisors. Also, they great specialists and can exceed expectations in dramatization as well.

Though Ophiuchus is the rarest sign, the other zodiac signs are equally effective and important. Read about the love life of each zodiac and the worst traits of the zodiac sign.



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