Parent’s Day 2020- Astrological Point of View


Parent’s Day is celebrated on the 4th Sunday of July, each year. In 1994, President Bill Clinton passes Congressional Resolution stating “recognizing, uplifting, and supporting the role of parents in the rearing of children”. This marks the beginning of Parent’s day. It is not celebrated as a public holiday. But still plays an important role in the lives of people today because of how distant children and parents have become.

There is always a struggle that goes between parents and kids for balancing expectations and responsibilities. We live in a society where fundamentals are governed on the basis of families. And parenting is a very crucial pillar in this. Parent’s Day observes to improve the stability of family in today’s world. Astrology can play a major role in improving a children-parent relationship. It is like a catalyst that can be used to make things better for a family. Various astrological elements have a great influence on our personalities and how we deal with our relationships around.

Importance of Astrology in Parenting

4th and 10th house of a birth chart tells us about parenting. 4th house in the birth chart deals with father. It shows health and understanding the father will share with his children. The 10th house of the chart shows a relationship with the mother. It also tells about the stability in a relationship. The positioning of planets in the 10th house can also tell about possible or ongoing health-related issues. Parents can know about their children’s outlook towards them through their natal chart.

Parenting is not an easy task. Their guidance results in the formation of their children’s lives. Astrology can help them confirming their approach towards children. 5th house in the birth chart can tell a person about his children. It is the house of well being, happiness, & happiness through kids. Favorably positioned planets in the 5th house can act beneficial for both parents and their children. In the case of unfavorably positioned planets, native will have many hurdles in dealing with his children. One should take astrological remedies to overcome negative energies.

Role of Parent’s Day

The main objective of Parent’s Day is to promote the message of good parenting. It is very important for human development. This day witnesses a special relationship between children and parents. We all know how crucial is financial support in forming the career of a child. But sometimes we forget that moral support is way more important than any other thing, especially for children at their young age.

Man is a social animal and cannot stay in isolation. He needs to learn about love, relationship, and discipline. Parenting teaches him the way of living. There will be so many challenges that a person will have to face during his life. If he is under the influence of good parental support, he can overcome them without any harm.

It is important to spend time together, as a family. This is how people stay happy. They know that they always have someone they can rely on. Parenting teaches the basis of rules on which society is governed.

The world is not constant. It changes rapidly. And in this era, children need more protection than ever. It calls for constant care and support of elders. There are times when people feel so stressed that they spend endless sleepless life. Parenting Day is a reminder to everyone, to stop and realize how selflessly our parents work for us. They also deserve care and protection from us. This day is an indication to push ourselves more in the lives of our parents. So that they never feel depressed or lonely again.

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