Planet Sun in the first house- How Does It Affect You?

Planet Sun in the first house- How Does It Affect You

Astrology is believed to reveal the will of Gods. It is a language. If you understand it, the sky speaks to you. It is one of the oldest and most accurate tools known to mankind. Life on Earth is altogether impossible without the presence of Sun and so is astrology. The planet Sun in astrology has a crucial role. The Sun signifies authority, leadership skills, fame, and respect in society.

Sun is a royal planet and the king of all other planets. It makes natives generally successful and signifies luck in one’s life. It represents popularity and a great social life. On the other hand, the first house is most important in one’s birth chart as it marks the beginning of life.

Hence, a person with the sun in the first house is likely to have a sense of superiority over the others. The presence of the chief celestial body in the most crucial house is bound to create very different kinds of individuals.

The outcome of the sun in the ascendant or first house varies from person to person because different people have different zodiac signs, however, the general effects of Sun in the ascendant or first house remain the same on all the natives.


The first house signifies body, physique, viewpoint, strength, and weaknesses. As Sun is the most important and powerful among all the planets in astrology therefore in favorable conditions sun in the first house of an individual gives charming personality, progress, good luck, and fortune. The native has a strong will and is determined when the planet Sun is posited in the first house. This leads to bring a positive attitude, confidence, force, and determination in an individual’s personality. The person becomes wise and possesses knowledge.

Moreover, the person becomes inquisitive and curious about knowledge. These individuals have complete faith in their capabilities and are highly regarded in society. However, they sometimes become obstinate and eccentric if things don’t go as per their wish. People with the sun in the first house often create many enemies due to their outspoken behavior and are mostly self-obsessed and self-conscious. Such natives have a spark and vibrancy however they lose their temper easily.

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Having the planet sun in their first house, these individuals are very confident and are always ready to take the initiative hence they make great leaders. These individuals are determined and hardly cares about what society thinks about them because their goals are very vivid. They work hard to achieve their goals with enough knowledge and great distinctions.

Apart from being optimistic, they can inspire others to be the same. Most likely, these individuals become financially independent at a very young age. They are clever enough to grab the opportunities and make the best use of them thus moving a step ahead in the path of success without making many efforts. They are brilliant and can be a show stopper by creating a friendly aura and gathering audience.

The natives with the sun in the first house are likely to be successful in politics or in any other authoritative position for some years. However, the outcome may change accordingly if the sun is afflicted in the horoscope. They have a bad temper and due to their sudden and massive success, they become egoistic and consider themselves far better than anyone else. Hence, they are most likely to have hidden enemies.

Influence of Planet Sun on your Health

The natives, having Sun in their first house, are likely to suffer from vision problems. They should take care of their eyes before its too late. They can have eye defects like myopia or color-blindness. Also, the individual has a very bad temper and is more or less egoistic as well as moody.

The native may suffer from anemia which may lead to baldness when the planet Sun is in the first house. These individuals are also vulnerable to mild skin ailments and headaches.

Love Life

Once the learned men said “Ego is the soul’s worst enemy” but these individuals take this for granted. These natives often spoil their love life either due to jealousy or over possessiveness. They are strongly obsessed with themselves and self-love is their first priority. Moreover, these individuals impose their decisions on their better half and generally overlook their needs.

 If their Sun is good deposition by placement, sign and degree then their married life will be successful and happy but if it got afflicted by a malefic planet, the married life will never be successful with a chance of either temporary separation or sometimes permanent divorce.

Celebrities With Sun in their First House?

The individuals with Sun in their first house are performers. These people are born smart and they never seem to have to work very hard for recognition. Their movies earn mega box office, their inventions got recognition, their albums go platinum and their books are bestsellers.

They know what the public wants and how to give it to them. Some of the notable personalities with the sun in their first house include Shahrukh khan, Abraham Lincoln, Lionel Messi, Swami Vivekanand, Aamir Khan, Ranveer Singh.

Remedies For Negative Effect of Planet Sun

Ruby Gemstone is beneficial for the person with Sun in the first house. This will boost up their administration ability, business skills, successful career, and good health. If the Sun is having a negative influence on the individual then he or she must chant Surya Jaap or do Surya Shanti Yagya.

Also, it is advised for the natives to control their temper and not to take risks in their endeavors if the planet Sun is in the first house.

In Vedic astrology, it is believed that Sun spends a month in each sign and takes around a year to complete its circle of the whole zodiac and twelve signs. Sun in different planets behaves in a different manner. You can read the effects of the Sun in different houses and know the influence of the Sun on you.

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