Prediction over the Most Anticipated Films of 2019

Prediction over the Most Anticipated Films of 2019

It is already the eighth month of the year.  The world cinema witnessed a battle over the highest grosser and most loved films. Nevertheless, we are all introduced to the new king.

Taking the discussion further, all over the world many more long-awaited films from supernatural flick to heart-warming emotional dramas are about to the hit the big screen.

So here is a list of the most anticipated movies of 2019 and what would be their rate of success-

Mission Mangal

Mission Mangal is an Indian Sci-fi, drama film starring a set of popular and talented actors including Akshay Kumar, Vidya Balan, Sonakshi Sinha, Tapsee Pannu, Sharman Joshi, Nithya Menen, and Kirti Kulhari. The film comes this independence day on screen.

As we all know the Stat Kumar never fails to astonish his fans, besides a promising storyline and numerous stunning performance, what else Mission Mangal would gift the audience.

Film Mission mangal

Analysis of Mission Mangal by our expert Astrologer Lovenish Sharma as per the chart of Akshay Kumar (9 September 1967)-

Akshay Kumar’s Mars is in own sign Scorpio and the transiting Jupiter transits over his mars which is a very positive aspect for him. As a matter of fact, even more than that, transiting Jupiter is aspecting the natal Jupiter. So, as the conclusion, the present time holds fortune and positivity for the star.

Also, his effort would receive massive appreciation and popularity; although it is a multi-starer movie the face in upfront is of Akshay Kumar’s only, so in nutshell Mission Mangal will make a great collection in the aspect of both money and appreciation.


After a good time of wait, the Bahubali of the cinema is coming back to astonish people. Saaho is an Indian action thriller which has already its audience waiting for Prabhas to appear on-screen alongside Shraddha Kapoor.

Analysis of Saaho as per the chart of Prabhas (23 October 1979)

The most interesting is the exchange of house between mars and moon they both are debilitated and after the exchange, they become stronger. Currently, the transit of Jupiter is over the debilitated moon but after exchange taking into consideration Jupiter will give effects of transit over mars so at first, the film will receive instant appreciation. However, slowly it will grow popularity & positive reception.


The character of Joker has had a huge number of fans for decades. Product of the admiration towards this one personality, director Todd Phillip brings the Joker on 4th October 2019. As the lead actor, Joaquin Phoenix says this film is a take on the original comic, the audience is eagerly waiting for it to knock the theatres.

Besides Joaquin Phoenix stars like Robert De Niro and Zazie Beetz have a major role in the movie which may take it to create a set of records. However, let us dive ahead and take a look at the details in terms of Nadi Astrology by astrologer Lovenish Sharma.

Analysis of Joker as per the chart of Todd Phillip (20 December 1970)

The Ketu is transiting over Sun and Mercury which is a clear indication of downfall, the film may not do well commercially it’s a very hard time astrologically for him. However, the performance may bring people to visit cinema halls.

It Chapter Two

It is one of the most admired horror films across the globe. The unique concept, alluring visuals, and relatable content make people wait for the next installment ever since the first part hit the theatres and collected applauds.

Furthermore, the movie cast includes popular faces like James McAvoy, Jessica Chastain, Bill Hader, and many more.

Here are the Astrological details about the release and success of the movie that you should know.

As per the chart of Stephen King, the film doesn’t promise in terms of finance and commercial success. Although the combination like Mercury and Rahu makes the director think beyond the clouds. Also, the movie will be a new and fresh concept for the viewers, and gradually the movie will do Good.

Frozen II 

Part one held us all waiting for the next part to experience amazing music, delightful visuals, and adoring chemistry. From the great Ice-Queen Elsa to bubbly Anna & Kristoff and cute Olaf & Sven, all clutch the audience to gather in the cinema halls for the next installment.

Starring Kristen Bell, Evan Rachel Wood, and Jonathan Groff Frozen 2 comes to theatres on 22nd November.

So, let us find out what our Astrologer has to tell about the film.

The chart shows that Jupiter is transiting over Jupiter and moon and aspecting by the natal Saturn, it is a comprehensible signal that the movie will perform great. As a matter of fact, it is already the most awaited movie and would receive a huge collection and claps since the very first day.

Once Upon a Time in Hollywood

How all the Quentin Tarantino films hit the spot? We all know that among the greatest directors in the world, Tarantino has a singular place.

Moreover, a film starring Leonardo DiCaprio, Brad Pitt, and Margot Robbie altogether would be mind-blowing for sure. However, what the Astrology analysis have to tell? Let us figure out the given details.

The current time reflects positive aspects for the director. As a few combinations are developing extremely pleasant in his chart like Jupiter + Sun (name, fame, and respect) and Saturn + Moon (massive success) it would result in worldwide name & fame.

The movie stars great actors, regardless of the chart of Brad Pitt or Leonardo in a nutshell the movie will do enormous business. Also, the director would travel universal for the movie and generate good revenue.


Rocketman is a musical biography film based on the legendary singer from the beginning of the modern era, Elton John. The director, producer, and actors of the film are ready to present the uncensored life story including the ups and the downfalls.

Continue and read what predictions have to tell about the Rocketman and its success-

As per the chart of director Dexter Fletcher, as we are familiar he is not known for many films, the transiting Jupiter is over his Ketu, which shows stress and problems. Also, in his birth chart doesn’t offer something remarkable. Besides, the movie fails to collect admiration from the public of France. Closing here, the chart shows that it may get a good response in India due to the huge followers of music and drama.


Concluding the discussion here, these were the major details to pull you on or off the theatres for these films. You may also like to read about Dreams Interpretation- What do your dreams mean?

Consult our expert Astrologer Lovenish Sharma and seek his guidance. 

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