Priyanka Chopra’s Horoscope Analysis using Vedic Astrology

Priyanka Chopra is one of the most celebrated actors all over the globe, for her immense talent and her attitude towards making it big at everything she does. She is truly a symbol of modern age woman and inspiration for the woman all across the globe.

The way she came from a small town and defied all boundaries to reach the pinnacle of career and fame. Priyanka knows how to break all stereotypes through her hard work and dedication.

Hence, we tried to trace all this from her birth chart and help users to understand how planets are responsible to give the mass fame to PC which she truly enjoys today. 

Birth Details of Priyanka Chopra:

Date Of Birth of Priyanka Chopra: 18 July 1982

Time Of Birth of Priyanka Chopra: 1:30 AM

Place Of Birth of Priyanka Chopra: Jamshedpur, India

Horoscope of Priyanka Chopra

Birthchart of Priyanka Chpora
Birth Chart of Priyanka Chopra, analysed by best astrologers of India

Her Birth Chart is examined by Best Astrologers of India. As we can see from the birth chart, she is Taurus ascendant and we know that people with Taurus Ascendant are the most generous, charming and personable folks, and not to mention they do everything very gracefully.

  • Moon and Venus are the two planets that define the beauty of a person and the Ascendant represents personality and face. Here as we can see, Moon is in ascendant that too exalted which endows her a calm, sturdy and pleasant personality. As a matter of fact,  Exalted Moon in the first house blesses the native with good results related to family, profession, health, finances and other spheres of life. Moreover, the presence of the moon in this house makes her mind very balanced as well as stable. she looks at things very logically and emotionally which brings about a sense of structure and sturdiness in her personality.

  • Moon sits in the ascendant and Venus is the lord of the Ascendant. As a result, this combination makes the native extremely good looking. Priyanka Chopra is dropped- dead gorgeous and no one can deny that. No wonder, she’s the most beautiful woman in the world.

  • Now, moving on to the 2nd house which represents family, voice and money. Taurus Ascendant, ruled by Venus (sitting in the 2nd house) is creating a powerful Dhana yoga with Mercury. 
  • Venus is present in the sign of Mercury(Gemini) and Venus represents communication, art and creativity. Mercury represents Mimicry. Henceforth, The combination makes this house very powerful. And to top it all, we have Rahu sitting there is a positive manner and it is known for amplifying things and therefore it amplifies the good position of Venus and Mercury. This clearly denotes that she will accumulate a lot of wealth with her own efforts.

  • Also, as this house has positive female planets so this gives a very melodious voice. As we all know that she has proved her singing talent as well.So, this conjunction gives the native an ability to act, to perform, it endows them the capability to go out there on stage and be communicative.

  • Presence of Rahu in the second house is amplifying the qualities and energies of Venus and Mercury. Rahu, in fact from the second house is aspecting the 6th, 8th and 10th house. And when Rahu aspects the 10th house. Native yearns to make an impression on other people in order to make a living which ultimately makes Priyanka Chopra give this dynamic impression being a huge movie star and people pay the ticket to see her.

  • Rahu’s presence in this house delineates her taboo-breaking attributes. Rahu which represents the foreign and exotic things is the main reason behind her not so stereotypical marriage. From getting trolled for their different backgrounds to the 10-year-age gap between her and Nick Jonas. The pair have proved that age and ethnicity shouldn’t be barriers to a relationship. As a matter of fact, she left all the stereotypes behind in order to get where she is now. Because, before her, not many Bollywood stars have been able to make it that big in Hollywood.

  • The best astrologers of India also unraveled the reason why her marriage was delayed. It was because of Saturn from the 5th house aspects the 2nd house where Venus is sitting, the signification of marriage. And Saturn represents what? Delays!

  • Presence of Jupiter in the 6th house, which is the house of competition describes that the native tends to be on the top of his game which Priyanka Chopra Jonas certainly is. She is somebody who sees things in a holistic approach and leads wherever she goes with her control enthusiasm as well as her ability to finish what she starts.

  • Then, Saturn, the lord of the 10th house is in the 5th house which is the house of academic learning, politics, performing arts, with Mars. So, the conjunction of Mars and Saturn represents a workaholic character. She clearly pours her entire energy into whatever she does, be it preparing for any role or globe-trotting to be present everywhere at once.

All major achievements in her life have come in the planetary positions of Mercury and Venus. As they are the most important planets in her chart and they control fame and wealth.

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