Astrologer predicted that Radhe Shyam will release in 2022 ‘ONLY’ & not 2021 as director wanted

Radhe shyam release

Prabhas’s romantic love drama, Radhe Shyam, is all set to hit the theatres on 11 March 2022. In one of his most anticipated movies, Prabhas will don the role of a palmist while romancing Pooja Hegde for the very first time on the big screen. 

Set in the 1970s across Europe, the movie’s trailer and songs have created a major hype among cinema lovers.

However, all this what, when and where about the movie is not something we are here to discuss. In fact, what we are here to discuss is the contribution of astrology in a movie that is all about astrology.

Recently, the director of the movie Radhe Shyam made an intresting comment about how an astrologer, four years ago, had predicted that the movie would only be able to release in 2022 despite the fact that the director wanted to release it on 30 July 2021.

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“Four years ago, I met an astrologer while working on Radhe Shyam’s pre-production and he said the film will release only in the early half of 2022. I didn’t believe him at that point in time but his prediction is turning out to be true now. As for Radhe Shyam, we, the technical crew worked tirelessly for the film. We want to deliver a compelling movie watching experience to the viewers,” said director Radha Krishna Kumar. 

Well, likely there is astrology in everything, a movie about astrology being no exception. 

Will Radhe Shyam be a success?

The movie Radhe Shyam is inspired by 18th-century Irish astrologer Cheiro, originally named Count Louis Hamon, who has travelled all the way to the Himalayas in search of knowledge and wisdom in the field of astrology. As a palmist, the astrologer serves only top and reputed clients, such as politicians and movie stars. 

The director says he had consulted numerous astrologers while making the movie to showcase the most realistic side of astrology.

Elaborating further, the director says, “Any science that is not in practice gradually goes extinct. Why astrology, the science of predicting the future, hasn’t gone extinct? How did the sages of those times know about this science? There are many questions that seem mystical in the scriptures. How did these saints know about the ‘jyothishya shastra’ back then? It is observed from the explorations of NASA that there is an amount of truth in this part of astrological science. But still elusive!”

The movie is worth 350-Crore, and thus, naturally, producers have a lot of expectations from it. The astrologers too are upbeat about the movie owing to positive Jupiter in the chart of both director and the lead role.

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