Rahu Transit In Taurus 2020- Tremendous Impact on All Signs

Rahu Transit In Taurus 2020- Tremendous Impact on All Signs

Rahu, a shadow planet on the north node of the moon signifies all the worldly desires. It leads the natives to oppose the culture and break the boundaries. In Vedic Astrology, Rahu signifies all the incomplete desires of a person’s previous life. It craves to fulfill those desires in the present life. Thus, the strength of Rahu can either destroy or create heaven in life. On September 23, Rahu Transit in Taurus 2020 will take place at 12:54 and shall remain there up to 06:21 on April 12, 2022.

Rahu stimulates social freedom, it represents augmentation of lust, fetish, vogue, rage, craving, and similar obsessions. It is the planet of insincerity. In Astrology, Rahu only has head and not the body. Thus, his form signifies unsatisfying hunger. Its strong placement bestows the blessing of financial success and power. Whereas, in a weak position, Rahu brings scarcity and a lack of determination & concentration.

Rahu is a cruel planet. When it will transit in the fixed earth sign Taurus, it will draw a tremendous impact on all the 12 Zodiac Sign. Read below how it can affect you and what you can do to prevent the harm.

Rahu Transit In Taurus 2020 Effect on Aries

Aries, the first sign of the zodiac circle will welcome Rahu Transit in Taurus in their 2nd House. This is the dominion of wealth, finance, monetary gains. It is also called Dhana Bhava or House of Finance. It signifies your monetary belongings like vehicles, furniture, investments, and non-material things.

Rahu in the house of finance is good news. If you adopt a practical approach, there are chances for your succession. Also, if you make appropriate decisions and avoid hazy or rushing decisions, it would be very smart of you. It is a profitable period. Working patiently during the transit would help you in many ways.

In addition to this, in your inherited property related matters, there can be some disputes. In such a situation, it would be best if you think about the long term. It will most likely give you a favorable return. In terms of health, you must take proper care and rest. Work pressure may have your timeline twisted.

Rahu Transit In Taurus 2020 Effect on Taurus

For earth sign Taurus, it is a serious matter. As Rahu is transiting in your own sign, you shall take the maximum outcome of the change. For you, Rahu will transit in your 1st or ascendant house. It is the house of self. It represents your outer form, ego, arrogance, understanding, self-expression, confidence, temper, health, and childhood.

You are a down to earth person. Thus, you act practically and fit things in your favor. However, the rage of Rahu might hinder your peace. During the transit, you should handle things more carefully and exercise patience. Additionally, Rahu’s influence in the first house may enhance your ego. Thus, act control and neglect disputes. It would be the best or issues may hamper your career front.

In terms of personal life, it will be better if you pay a little extra attention to your spouse or partner. Also, to maintain good health, drink enough liquid, take a proper diet, and eat healthy food. To control temperament, you may practice meditation.

Rahu Transit In Taurus 2020 Effect on Gemini

For twin sign Gemini, Rahu will enter your 12th house. It is an abode the represents the end of the cycle. Also, it signifies a spiritual journey. Thus, it rules over all kinds of Spiritual learnings. This house also represents imprisonment, self-undoing, and unconscious.

The 12th house is also the house of losses. Therefore, Rahu in this house may stimulate some chances of financial loss. To avoid the loss, try not to put hands in risky projects. All those ideas that you possess, save them for a better time. It will later bring you quick gains. Additionally, do not make any new investment. It might not bring fruits.

For Gemini natives that are involved in import and export, it can be a profitable period for you. You might also receive some professional opportunities. A little bit of patience and hard work will bring success in your hands.

Rahu Transit In Taurus 2020 Effect on Cancer

For water sign Cancer, Rahu will transit in your 11th House. It is also called Labha Bhava or House of Gains. This dominion rules over income, gain, name, fame. Also, it indicates your social circle, friends, and well-wishers.

Promotion and income growth will knock your door during the transit. At your workplace, you can expect great results from your work. Additionally, if you have a private business, it will give you good results. The presence of Rahu in the 11th House will favor your financial situation. It will help you take proper decisions and gain profit in all your deals.

In health terms, you must take proper care and diet. At your career front, there shall be travel opportunities involving personal growth. It will bring you diverse benefits. You will be production and succeeding.

Rahu Transit In Taurus 2020 Effect on Leo

For fire sign Leo, Rahu transit will take place in your 10th House. It is also called the Career House of astrology. This house governs your profession, stream, identity, authority, prestige, and reputation. In which sector would you work, how would you be at your job and what path would you take, all these aspects fall under the 10th house.

Rahu in the 10th House defines superiority in your career. During the transit, holding a healthy relationship with your seniors at work will make things easy for you. Additionally, there shall be prevailing professional deals. You will thoroughly enjoy the period at professional as well as at the personal front. This period will fulfill your desires.

There can be some health issues. Thus, to avoid them, exercise a healthy routine, and take a healthy diet. However, things will get better with your health in no time.

Rahu Transit In Taurus 2020 Effect on Virgo

For earth sign Virgo, Rahu will enter your 9th House. It is also called Dharma Bhava or House of Fortune. This house signifies your inclination toward good deeds. All your good karma, dharma, religious instincts, moral values, ethics, higher learnings fall under the 9th house.

During the transit, prepare yourself for a little extra hard work at your workplace. For you, there shall be an enhancement of responsibilities. There shall also be some important changes. However, it is a good time to play some cards of investment.

Amid the period, you might experience a little difficulty in understanding your partner. All you have to do is sit back and listen to them carefully. It will allow you to avert disputes. It would be beneficial if you spend some quality time with them.

In your financial terms, try to play in the long run. This transit will bring you growth and progress in many terms. You only have to make better decisions.

Rahu Transit In Taurus 2020 Effect on Libra

For air sign Libra, Rahu will transit in your 8th House. It is also called Randhra Bhava. This house rules over longevity, death, health, sickness, sudden gain, lottery, sudden loss, mysteries, and transformation.

A little extra endeavor and things will get better for you. You shall achieve the desired triumph in your life during the transit. However, you might face some difficult decisions in your personal life. It might draw you afar from your partner. Thus, to avoid stress, give them their due time. Share good moments with them. It will keep your relationship at peace and bliss. Additionally, there can be some health-related issues. Though with time, you will recover.

It will be a vital period. Thus, natives who are suffering a lack of monetary support or source would find a way out to success.

Rahu Transit In Taurus 2020 Effect on Scorpio

For the water sign Scorpio, Rahu will transit in your 7th House. It is also called Yuvati Bhava. It sits directly across from your 1st house. This house rules over the partnership. Whether professional or personal the companionship, it falls under the realm of 7th house.

Rahu in this dominion is not really good news. You must avoid starting any new venture. Especially, a joint venture would be a bad decision during this period. It will not last long. You are a very emotional sign. At this point in time, you will have to practice meditation to remain calm. Talkin to your special people with utmost love will help you have peace. Otherwise, it can only unleash disputes. It will also remove the distance between you and them.

You must control your spending habits or this period will make you suffer a lack of money after unnecessary expenses. Exercise an effective budget and planning.

Rahu Transit In Taurus 2020 Effect on Sagittarius

For the fire sign Sagittarius, Rahu transit will take place in your 6th House. It is the house of health, wellness, illness, job, daily routine, debts, enemies, difficulties, obstacles, and so on.

It is a time of succession. There might be some rivals or enemies at your workplace. During the transit, you will win over them. It is time to get over your difficulties and obstacles. You will bravely face issues and tackle them. It is not easy to have you defeated anyway.

There may be some issues from the past, you will gradually come over them during this period. The monetary flow will get better in your life. With the influence of Rahu in the 6th house, you will get satisfactory results and defeat all your enemies, trouble. Additionally, your health will get better with time.

Rahu Transit In Taurus 2020 Effect on Capricorn

For earth sign Capricorn, Rahu transit will take place in your 5th house. It is also called Putra Bhava. This dominion rules over playfulness, joy, romance, love, sex, pleasure, creativeness. It is also the house of good energy and optimism.

During the transit, there can be some emotional up and down. A little bit of patience will help you restore peace. At your career front, it would be better if you avoid any new start-up or venture. It will not bring you any profit. Though with your hard work you would get good results at your current job.

With time, you will fix every problem that comes in your way. However, if you are in a love affair, it might hinder both your peace and happiness.

Rahu Transit In Taurus 2020 Effect on Aquarius

For water bearer Aquarius, Rahu will transit in your 4th House. It is also called Bandhu Bhava. This house signifies happiness. It rules over your real estate, your roots, possessions, land, property, and your relationship with your mother.

During this period, you might sense a burden of responsibilities. Both your personal and professional life will take a twist and run fast. Thus, you will have to run along to match the pace. There can be certain obstacles in your work that might hinder you. With your patience and hard work, you will put an end to them.

At this time, you might want to take small steps and have small investments. it will benefit you for a long time. Also, taking advice from an experienced person would be better. Stay away from disputes. Don’t partake in even small debates as it will hamper your peace. In your personal life, you will need to be patient with your partner.

Rahu Transit In Taurus 2020 Effect on Pisces

For the water sign Pisces, Rahu will transit in your 3rd House. It is the house of mental inclination. This realm governs over your ability to learn and adapt. Also, it signifies journeys, siblings, interests, habits, communication, and intelligence.

The transit will bring you opportunities for growth in dynamic ways. In your career, you might find a better position or financial raise. Gradually, situations will turn in your favor and you will receive benefit by every action.

With your sincerity, you will be able to take advantage of this period. Rahu also instigates ego. Thus, there are chances that you may have several arguments in your family. To avoid the dispute, bond emotionally with them. By talking to them, you will be able to find a solution to all the problems.

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