Ravana and Ram- Contrast and Theory

Ravana and Ram- Contrast and Theory

Today, let us embark on the journey to learn the contrast between Ravana, the main antagonist, and Rama, the protagonist of Ramayana. Regardless of all the facts that support Ravana to be the demon, he lived a life of struggle & prejudice prior to becoming the King of Lanka.

On the other hand, Lord Rama takes birth after several austerities, worship, and Havanas by his parents. Further, he went under the guidance of sages to complete his education.

The Indian population all across the globe has an unshakable belief in the mythological tales of Ramayana written by Maharishi Valmiki. However, there are many people who consider Ramayana just a story. Well, we cannot wobble beliefs. Nevertheless, there are uncountable scientific facts that prove the war of Ramayana to be true.

To begin with, the contrast, let us shift the focus on the story of Ravana at first.

Ravana- Origin & Tales

Dashanana or Ravana is a mythological character from Ramayana that draws grandeur to the character of Lord Rama, says the internet. Ravana, in real was a demon crafted by discriminations, shaming, and anguish.

– Life beyond Ramayana

Dashanana, the grandson of Pulastya Rishi Saraswat, son of Vishrava and Kaikesi was an undefeatable warrior, a supreme Shiva devotee, a powerful judicious scholar, a priest, and an intellectual.

In the mythological tales, he has 6 brothers Kubera the lord of fortune, Vibhishana, Kumbhakarna, King Khara, Dushana, King Ahiravan, and two sisters Kumbhini and Surpanakha.

During the sovereignty of Ravana, the splendor of Lanka has seen its peak. He, the Lankeshwar “God of Lanka” transformed the palace into a golden scepter and Lankanagri into the City of Gold.

– A supreme Devotee

The demon king Dashanana gets his name Ravana from Lord Shiva.  There are uncountable stories that mention his undying loyalty and devotion to Lord Shiva. Also, Ravana invited him to live in the palace of Lanka. However, Lord Shiva gave him numerous reasons to refuse his request.

Another, most heard Shiva Tandav Stotram is a gift to the world by his biggest devotee Ravana. Once, Lord Shiva crushed Ravana’s request and smashed his esteem & proud. Upon this, Dashanana started to cry and he sang Shiva Stotram in his honor. Further, Lord Shiva gave him the name Ravana “that who cried”.

Lord Ram

There are only two beautiful names in the world, either you call Krishna or call Ram

Lord Rama or Shri Ram was a noble king, a dutiful son, a loyal sibling and a loving husband. Alongside this, Lord Rama is the seventh incarnation of Lord Vishnu who takes birth in Treta Yuga.

-A devoted son

It was on a breezy morning amid the vibe of happiness when the eldest Prince of Raja Dashrath was about to be crowned as the King of Ayodhya. Kaikeyi the third wife of Dashrath, asked him for something precious than life. Thus, Lord Rama set to walk a supreme journey of both adventure and austerity.

Lord Rama was the firstborn of King Dashrath and the rightful heir of the throne of Ayodhya. However, he like a devoted and loyal son didn’t question his father’s order for sending him to exile for 14 long years.

-A man of his Words

Before the epic war of Ramayana begins, Lord Rama, like a true devotee performed a Havana in the honor of Goddess Durga. To seek her blessings, he offers 108 lotuses to the goddess. In order to check the devotion in his prayers, Goddess Durga removes one lotus from the row.

Upon this, Lord Rama starts to cut off his eye to offer in the devotion of Durga Maa. Further, the Goddess appears in front of him and stops him. As a result, she gives Lord Rama her blessings to win the battle. Since the time, Shri Ram is popular with the name of Kamalnayan.

-God who betrayed his better half to fulfill his duties

Lord Rama receives his name Purushottam because he couldn’t wrong any person. He lived and died with a pledge of serving his people and being a true king, an obedient son, and a protective brother.

Nevertheless, the man of his words leaves his pregnant wife and sends in exile to feed the facts to support his title of Purushottam. Thus, Lord Rama takes care of his Praja (people) but not his wife who suffered for fourteen long years to stand side by side in his exile.

Lord Rama the ideal man neglected his least duty toward the woman he married. He left Sita to set her own penance for something she never committed. Being equally guilty, Janaka, the father of Sita didn’t take her back. May Lord Rama could’ve stopped Sita and later land into a situation where people would call him biased. However, a great speaker like Shri Ram may have convinced them.


Both, the antagonist and protagonist of Ramayana share a fine amount of qualities comprising intelligence and skills. However, both couldn’t make it to the expectation of devotees in many ways. First, the Ravana abducted a woman for his sister (who herself was a woman) second, Lord Rama leaves the same woman to suffer in agony.

Moreover, in Kalyuga, it is important to kill the demon within to raise the Rama within.

Also, if you wish more about mythology please read Ram Navami 2020- Things to Know.

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