Ravana- father of Sita? Why did Lord Rama touch his feet?

Ravana- father of Sita Why did Lord Rama touch his feet

Dashrath had 350 spouses

Ruler Dashratha has around 350 spouses out of them just three are well known. Kausalya, Sumitra, and Kaikeyi.

At the point when Rama comes to see his dad Dasharatha and Dasharatha summons Sumantra to bring every one of his spouses to here, and requests that Rama remain with him at any rate for a night.

Rama and Dashrath

Be that as it may, Rama settled in his promise, induces his dad to be tranquil. Dasharatha’s anguish strengthens and he swoons at the takeoff of Rama.

अर्ध सप्त शताः ताः तु प्रमदाः ताम्र लोचनाः |

कौसल्याम् परिवार्य अथ शनैः जग्मुर् धृत व्रताः

Surrounding Kausalya and 300 fifty ladies, undaunted in their vow (of dedication to their better half), with their eyes blushed, went there gradually.

Reference: Valmiki Ramayana – Ayodhya Kanda – Sarga 34

Sita- Bhoomi Putri

Sita was found in a section of the furrowed field by King Janaka. So Sita Daughter of Bhumidevi, who got received by Janaka and Sunaya.

When King Janaka was furrowing a field to perform Yagna, Sita seemed to part the earth. The lord discovered her as an infant young lady in a brilliant bin. He saw her body all secured with earth and was stunned.

Goddess Sita

Having no offspring of his own, he put her warmly on his lap. Overpowered with adoration for her, King announced her as his own kid. Raja Janak was the ruler of Mithila and Janak was his family name. His genuine name was Seeradhwaj. His better half Rani Sunaya raised Sita as her own little girl.

Ravana filled in as a priest for Lord Rama

Ravana was an impassioned dedicated to Lord Shiva. Once in the time when Goddess Sita lived in the Ashoka Vatika, she wished for a Yagya and Pooja in the honor of Lord Shiva. The puja Rama was doing was offered to Lord Shiva.

Other than it involved pride for Ravana to play out that specific puja in light of the fact that he was the main brahmin on earth who had the qualification to play out that puja. Just a brahmin who had never missed his puja calendar was permitted to play out that specific ritual.

Ravana was the main bhramin who fit this necessity. Additionally not playing out the puja would have displayed his self-questions about his triumph and absence of self-assurance. So Lord Rama sent a solicitation to Ravana to come and direct as the cleric for the pooja at Rameshwaram.

Ravana kept respect towards both Sita & dharma of a Brahmin

Yet, at that point, he revealed to Lord Rama that the pooja would be deficient without his significant other being available. No pooja or Yagya can be performed without the spouse’s presence. Ravana stated, ‘I don’t have faith in option. I would need everything to be available for the love of Lord Shiva.

Ram and Sita

So I will call your better half here for the pooja. After the pooja, it would be ideal if you send her back to Lanka’So Ravana to bring Sita for the pooja.

After the pooja, when Lord Rama and Sita bow down to touch the feet of the minister, that is, Ravana, to take gifts, at that point Ravana favors Lord Rama by saying ‘Vijayi bhava’ (May triumph be yours!).

He had no real option except to do as such. When somebody contacts the feet of a minister, he is left with no decision however to favor that individual. So Ravana needed to give that gift to Lord Rama for which He had sorted out the pooja.

He additionally honored Sita by saying ‘Sumangali bhava’ (May you get all that is ideal and favorable constantly!) Such was Ravana’s unselfishness. In the wake of gift them two, Ravana returned Sita to Lanka with him.

Laxman or “Gudakesh”

Laxmana’s significant other, Urmila, rested the two his and her portions of rest so that Laxmana stayed conscious ensuring Rama and Sita. She dozed for the entire time of outcast (14 years) and woke up when Laxmana came back to Ayodhya.

Laxmana is, henceforth, additionally called “Gudakesh” which means one who has “vanquished rest“.

A promise made to kaikeyi

The third and the youngest wife of Dashratha, the king of Ayodhya was a brave warrior too. Once on the battlefield, she saves the life of Raja Dashrath. Upon this, he makes a promise to offer her any two wishes.

Dasaratha conceded two shelters – any helps she would request as she helped him well in the executing of an evil spirit, Sambarasur when Kaikeyi, goaded by Manthara, requested that those helps be conceded after Dasaratha declared that Rama would be delegated Yuvaraja.

The main help was to crown her child, Bharata, and the second was to send Raam to the exile for a time of 14 years.

Sita was the daughter of Ravana

This intriguing story is referenced in some Hindu books and social stories.

In the Sanghadasa’s Jaina Version of Ramayana, Goddess Sita takes birth as Vasudevahindi, daughter of Ravana and his wife Vidyadhara Maya. Also, Sita is a resurrection of Vedavati.


Vedavati, a devout lady who needed to wed Lord Vishnu. To wed him, she surrendered common life and turned into a loner and fabricated an ashram on a riverbank. Once while Vedavati was contemplating, Ravana – the devil lord, sees her.

Her magnificence captivates Ravana and he attempts to abuse her. To escape from Ravan she hopped into a fire made for the yajna. Before passing on she reviled Ravana that in her next birth she will be liable for his demise.

In her next birth, Vedavati was conceived as Ravana’s girl. Soothsayers anticipated that she will end up being the explanation behind Ravaan’s passing. To spare his life, Ravana tossed the young lady youngster into the ocean.

The youngster fell on the lap of ocean goddess Varuni. Goddess Varuni took the young girl kid to the shores and offered her to earth-goddess Prithvi. Goddess Prithvi then offered her to King Janaka.

Ravana Geeta

There exists a Gita by the name Ravana. It is popular as Ravana Gita. Of the five Gitas that are available, it is one of them.

Much the same as you have the Srimad Bhagavad Gita, Ashtavakra Gita, Udhhava Gita, and Guru Gita; there is another Gita called Ravana Gita (the melody of Ravana). In it, Ravana shows numerous lessons to Lakshmana.

After Ravana finishes his educating, Lakshmana gives a sign to Lord Rama to come to Ravana. At the point when Lord Rama comes to Ravana, his spirit leaves his body as a splendid light and converges with Lord Rama. This is a story from the Adhyatma Ramayana.

Lord Hanuman- Adornment with Sindoor

One and all are aware of Lord Hanuman and his undying devotion for Lord Rama. Once, Hanuman sees Goddess Sita applying sindoor in her hairline.

Lord Hanumana

Upon this, Lord Hanuman asks her with extreme innocence for the reason behind her embellishing hairline with Sindoor to which Maa Sita answers that it is for the prosperity and long life of her husband Lord Rama.

Lord Hanumana wished nothing but the happiness and longivity of Lord Rama. Thus, he covers his whole body with sindoor.

Shiv Strotram- रावण रचित शिव तांडव स्तोत्रम

The Shiv Strotram is the way to peace and rest to all who devote to Lord Shiva. However, the ten-headed demon with invisible wisdom, Ravana was his greatest devotee.


The Shiv stotram was made by him when his inner self was squashed by the Lord of Lords, Mahadev Shiva. Therefore, while crying in agony, Ravana then culled his very own veins like strings of a Veena and started singing the Shiva Tandava Stotram in recognition of Nataraja.

Effectively pleased by Ravana’s devotion, the Lord descended and favored him.

It is from this occurrence that Dashanana got his name as Ravana the person who cried“. Shiva likewise gave Ravana a unique weapon, Chandrahaas, or a sickle as a reward from his dedication.

These were the major details about the Ramayana. Also, you may like to read about Diwali 2019– Festivity of Five Days. 

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