Samantha’s ‘other’ interests in life behind her divorce, says astrologers

samantha-naga divorce

Ever since Samantha Ruth Prabhu and Naga Chaitanya have announced separation, their fans have been wondering what actually went wrong between the ex-power couple. And while the two celebs have been hush about the reason behind their separation, but Naga’s father recently may have spilt some beans on what, or we shall say, who called in for the divorce.

In an interview, Nagarjuna, who is Naga Chaitanya’s father, allegedly claimed that it was Samantha who wanted a separation. He said, “Naga Chaitanya accepted her decision but he was much worried about me, what I would think and what would happen to the family’s reputation”.

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“Naga Chaitanya consoled me very much as he thought I will be worried. They both have been together for 4 years in the marriage life but no problem like this came between them. Both were so close and I don’t know how it came down to this decision. They even celebrated 2021’s New Year together, it seems that the problems have arisen after that,” said he as quoted by the website.

As the news went viral, Naga was quick to react to it. He took on Twitter to dismiss the comments as “completely false and absolute nonsense.”

Well, separation is a personal affair for the two stars and we shall not dwell on the real reasons behind the same. But all the hush around their divorce has surely inspired us to look at the astrological perceptive of the same, and when we did so, we found that one of the astrologers had already predicted the divorce. 

Samantha Ruth Prabhu love horoscope 

Samantha has a strong Venus in her kundli, which promises her a great life, relationship-wise. However, on the other hand, the seventh house of her kundli, which is exclusively responsible for marital affairs, is a tad bit weak due to its affliction with Rahu.

As per astrologers, for Samantha, marriage was never everything as it is to most people. An astrologer had predicted about her that, “Other diversions will be there in her life, which will take Prabhu’s interests away from the home. Should Samantha Ruth Prabhu’s partner endeavour to curb this inclination, it may lead to a possible rupture”.

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This prediction was made well before Samantha and Naga announced separation. And now as Naga’s father to has claimed that Samantha was the one, who wanted a divorce, the prediction seems to be coming true.

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