Scorpio friendship compatibility & guide for maintaining a friendship


Whether you are young or old, you always want a few friends around to make memories with. But finding people with whom you really like or want to be friends is not always easy. The integrity, particularly if you’re a Scorpio, can be difficult to judge.

Characteristics of a Scorpio

Horoscope suggests that Scorpios are passionate and sensitive people. Astrological predictions indicate that they see everything in terms of how they “feel” and focus on emotions. Thus, Scorpios need people who understand their emotions and thoughts. The Scorpio season begins from 23rd October and ends on 21st November.

So, here is how Scorpios can maintain a friendship with the other 11 signs as well as with each other.



Aries and Scorpios are very similar. They like power. However, Aries is not the type who holds grudges. Therefore, if a Scorpio and Aries have a fight, the latter is more likely to let go of it than the former. Both work towards a common goal and work well with each other.

This is because Scorpios tend to make rash decisions and can be very impulsive. According to astrology, Aries can help Scorpios use their spontaneity to their advantage and move on from failure. 


Taurus and Scorpios are poles apart. The former is more self-focused while the latter emphasizes on others.


Hence, the two can help each other out. Taurus can teach Scorpios how to stand up for themselves and how to be frank while Scorpios can teach Taurus how to go deeper into emotions and empathize with others. Hence, astrology suggests that Scorpios can learn how to be more practical and logical with the help of their Taurus friends.


Gemini and Scorpios are very different in their way of life. Gemini’s are light-hearted towards things while Scorpios are passionate and take things more seriously. However, the two can balance each other out. Scorpios can help Gemini plan things before action while Gemini can teach Scorpios how to be more resilient.

This is why the two signs look up to each other. Therefore, what astrology says is that if the two signs co-operate with each other, they can be very good friends and can achieve the same goal. 


Cancer and Scorpio complement each other. Both give equal importance to others’ emotions and are sentimental and loyal to each other. This is why their friendship can be very comfortable and may not require much effort to maintain. Astrologers suggest that Cancer can help Scorpio with trusting their instincts while Scorpio can help Cancer get deeper into emotions and take care of themselves. 


The friendship between Leo and Scorpio is very active and strong. The two complement each other and there is a lot of support between them. Astrology maintains that both the signs respect each other and rarely have arguments as they can keep their egos aside.


Leo and Scorpio stand up for each other. However, in order to maintain the friendship, the two need to constantly check up on each other and comprehend each other. That way, their friendship will last forever. 


Scorpio and Virgo share a strong bond with each other. Both lay emphasis on Social status and power but are loyal to their friendship. However, they need to make compromises in order to maintain the friendship.

According to astrology, Virgos can teach Scorpio the importance of inner depth over outward appearances. Similarly, Scorpio can teach Virgo how to understand the deeper and implicit meaning of things. With that, their friendship can prosper. 


The friendship between a Libra and a Scorpio is very enthusiastic. Leo focuses on Harmony which complements Scorpios’ sense of solitude. According to what Astrology suggests, Libra can teach Scorpio how to move on from past failed attempts and Scorpio can teach Libra how to control their emotions and be practical. If they put in the effort, the friendship can lead to great successes with an unbreakable bond.

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A friendship between two Scorpios can be very intense and passionate. This means that two Scorpio friends are very loyal to each other. However, the conflict between the two can ruin their friendship as well as the two individuals.


Astrology strongly suggests that Scorpios must learn how to work together as a team and face all challenges together. Only then will their friendship grow stronger.


According to astrological predictions, these two zodiac signs need to give time to develop their friendship. This is because Sagittarius and Scorpio have different natures.


One focuses on emotions and the other emphasizes adventures. Sagittarius can learn how to focus from Scorpio while the latter can learn how to be more flexible than stubborn from Sagittarius. This will ensure an enduring bond between them.

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 A friendship between a Capricorn and Scorpio can help the two signs develop their characters. Even though their friendship might not start so well, the two can learn a lot from each other. Astrology says that Capricorn can teach Scorpio how to be stable and steady while Capricorn can learn how to value deeper emotions from Scorpio.


Astrologically speaking, the friendship between an Aquarius and Scorpio can lead to a lot of success. This is if the two signs understand each other and put in equal efforts. Scorpio can teach Aquarius how to understand emotions and look at things in depth while Aquarius can teach Scorpio how to be more objective and practical.


Pisces and Scorpio have a profound relationship as the two signs understand each other well. According to what Astrology says, Pisces can teach Scorpio how to adapt to different situations while Scorpio can teach Pisces how to ground themselves and focus on emotions. This way, the two can have a productive friendship.


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