Scorpio Season 2020 – 5 Reasons To Love the Darkest Zodiac Sign

Scorpio Season 2020 - 5 Reasons To Love the Darkest Zodiac Sign

Secretive, possessive, obsessed, stingy, and yet VERY VERY RELIABLE. First thing first, Scorpios don’t settle for anything less than they deserve. So, before the Scorpio Season 2020 begins, you must know a few facts about this dark zodiac sign. At this time of the year, we praise the Water Sign, Scorpio. Dwell under the governance of the violent planet Mars, Scorpio is one of the bravest and equitable zodiac signs. They kinda believe in an eye for an eye. Neither do their love dwindle nor do their reliance. Scorpio is the most dramatic, intense, kind, and dangerous zodiac sign. There is so much more about Scorpions. So, here are 5 Reasons To Love the Darkest Zodiac Sign, Scorpio-

Scorpio Dates
23rd October-21st November

Scorpios are Amazing Observers

Scorpio is a zodiac sign that puts other first. They take care of people in very dynamic ways. These people are amazingly resourceful. Above all, they are remarkably good observers. These are the people who might sit with you wearing a poker face and would still know at what time you come to the office every day and how messy or clean you prefer your life.

A Scorpio has an eye for small developments and alterations. If anything around them changes a bit, they would know. Be that a person or a decoration of a room, a Scorpio can sense the difference.

PS. if you’d not celebrate Scorpio Season 2020, they’ll know the reason.

The Perk of Intense Romance

Nobody, I repeat, nobody talks better about rain than a Scorpio. They’d rather be intense than shallow.

These people don’t another person to thrive in the gorgeous world. They are complete with themselves. However, when a Scorpio falls for a person, they fall REALLY HARD. A Scorpio would give their lover their heart. Now, whether they keep it in a safe or tear it apart, a Scorpio’s love would not wane. These people say what they mean. All of their sentences come straight from their heart.

Scorpio’s energy in immensely intense. They prefer the dark world where they limit themselves. However, one reason behind it is they fear heartbreak so much. When in love, these people are a lush blend of artful romance and heartfelt care. One night you might come home tired and they would welcome you with a sweet surprise just to cheer you up and to slow dance with you on a deep romantic melody.

A Package Deal of Humor & Depth

If you are not a fan of blunt humor, dealing with a Scorpio can be pretty tough for you. A Scorpio speaks out their mind. They are not a keeper of thoughts. When in an argument, you may never expect the level Scorpio can reach just to roast you. They have the most unfiltered response to situations. Their humor drops clumsy shush that lifts gradually when it becomes tough to control the laughter.

On the other hand, Scorpios are like an uncontrollable storm preserving dense and depth. People born under the Scorpio zodiac sign have hypnotic eyes. They can distinguish between the good and the bad. Thus, it is tough to fool them. Once they deem you worthy of their love, they hold nothing back. No matter how situations get, they would find a way back to love.

Scorpios Are Fearless, Unmatched

A Scorpio’s saying, I RELY ON MY DAMN SELF.

It is much rather that a Scorpio would jump off the cliff just to check on their adrenaline. (Only after a little analysis about the depth and angle)

The thing with people born under this sign is they are unbelievably fearless. Power and ambition are their key motivator and once they set eyes on something, they take it. QUIT doesn’t exist in a Scorpio’s dictionary. They are zodiac signs that take risks and put everything on steak just to achieve better. As much as they love speaking fluent sarcasm and bluntly insult people, they are super protective for people who matter to them.

Along with all the rush they admire, a Scorpio can be really lazy at times. They live on extreme measures. Either full or nothing. They either get ready for a long adventure or just lay on the couch and watch FRIENDS.

Loyalty Runs in the Blood of Scorpios

Dyed in the wool, Scorpio is a true-blue.

A Scorpio is hella secretive. One may find them irritating sometimes for their mysterious ways. They love the fierce intensity and honor faithfulness. People often mistake them for a control freak but a Scorpio always tends to be within control. Besides, you can trust a Scorpion with any deep, dark secret. They have a good stomach that digests any fact.

By far, Scorpio is the most trustworthy zodiac sign. You may hurt them and they might cut you off but under no circumstances they would break your trust.

So, these were some quick facts to know why you must adore Scorpios during Scorpio Season 2020.

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