Second House of Astrology- What Does It Reflect

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In astrology, every House signifies important aspects of your life and has its own significance. Thus, during horoscope reading, an expert astrologer analyses all the houses equally and deep to offer information about personality, past, present, or future. As we have already explained about the 1st house of astrology in our previous article, in this article you can read significant details about the Second House of Astrology.

The second house of the horoscope is called the Dhan Bhava or Finance House of Astrology. In addition to your financial status, it represents your family life, speech, and voice. With an auspicious planetary position in the 2nd House, one can attain a very beautiful voice. Commonly, singers with beautiful voices have very auspicious planetary position in this house.

This house represents all your possessions. Including your financial possessions, it rules over your non-material possessions.

Characteristics of the Second House of Astrology

The second house corresponds with the second sign of circle i.e. Taurus.

The native with auspicious planetary positions in their 2nd house of horoscope is blessed with great skill of speaking. They can impress anyone with their speech and way of speaking. Such an individual are visionary and popular for their influencing behavior.

The beneficial placement of planets in this house represents a sharp mind and quick wit. It also tells about the ability of the person to acquire or what will be the speed of his learning.

Along with this, it is the house of money and family. Thus, a strong second house gives wealth and happiness in family life. On the other hand, if this house is weak and has inauspicious planets then the native is not able to keep their point clearly. They constantly suffer a clear vision and hold an impressionable personality. Also, they have to deal with undesirable problems in family life.

Body Parts Associated with Second House

One can also know about the right eye, food habits, face, etc. of the native by analysis of this dominion. If auspicious planets like Venus and Jupiter are sitting in this dominion, then the native acquires charming looks. They can learn anything immediately and also impress anyone quickly. On the other hand, it has weak planets then it can slow down the learning abilities. Thus, the native becomes a slow learner.

Second House and Diseases

Right eye, mouth, gum, teeth, throat, neck, and gullet falls under the rule of this abode. Thus, it rules over diseases like breathing problems, nostrils issues, pain in the neck, throat infection, eye infection, gum bleeding, and so on. With inauspicious planets in this abode of horoscope, you may have to suffer from these health problems.

Dhana Bhava and Success

Mercury is the significator of skills, learning abilities, speech, and influencing abilities. Thus, if Mercury has a strong position in this dominion, the native acquires enormous wealth with the help of their skills. Also, when auspicious planets are respecting the planet in this dominion, the native gets the blessing of prosperity. They may earn a huge name and fame in art world. They can become musician, singers, writers, and so on. With a strong Second House, a native becomes a visionary person with wise approaches.

A strong Dhana Bhava also blesses a person with sweetness in their voice to win many hearts all across life. Such natives can influence people on a social level with their speech.

However, if Mercury is afflicted, then the person may face difficulties in speaking. Such people may also have the problem of stammering.

You may have come to know from our article how important the 2nd dominion of the horoscope is. If you have any issues related to speech and skill, connect with our expert astrologer for remedies.

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