Self-help: Understanding The Psychology Behind

Self-help and Psychology:

Self-help may sound like a foreign culture to most of us. Nowadays, we spend so much time changing other people- like inspiring teammates, encouraging employees, and teaching youngers how to behave?. But, making the world better, these days usually means to change other’s way of life. The old theories of self mastering, self-authority faded to a large extent in this era.

What Self-help actually is?

Self-help means focusing on how to improve yourself by applying positive and long-lasting changes, that we have learned from our life so long. Here you improve your mental, physical and intellectual level.

Handling your own, trouble time situations by delivering control over your mind and body in order to improve the consequences of the situation is self-help. It involves changing our way of reaction, way of acting, affection, and mentality.

Most of us, are helping our self most of the time. We plan we implement, we execute, we monitor, we imagine to break down conditions and situations…all this is self-help.

What is not Self-help?

  • Commonly responding to a matter.
  • Getting a solution to a situation by luck.
  • Saying ourselves, that we are delivering our best.
  • It is not leading towards the wrong route by our emotions.
  • It is not getting medical healing, therapy, or reading blogs/books of self-help.

Steps Towards Self-help


Physical Self-help
Physical Self-help

There is a strong bonding between our mind and body. Physical self-help means, how you are treating your body? means, what you are feeding to your body? how much time you are taking rest on the bed?…paying attention to physical needs and your involvement in physical activities.

Taking medicines on time, regular health check-ups, monitoring and managing your health situations properly are also part of physical self-help. So Eat healthily, move your body, create a zen space to live, and get enough rest.


Social Self-help

Communication in the community is the key to self-help. But, in this busy era today, spending time in a friend or family circles is very difficult. The best way to maintain your relationship goal is to put your time in building new relationships and making new relationships.

Everyone around you has diverse social needs and goals. Try to point out, your own social needs and maintain your schedule to build an ideal and optimal social life.


Mental Self-help
Mental Self-help

Your way of monitoring/thinking matters, and thoughts you are filling in your mind, impact your psychological well being to a great extent. Mental self-help consists of engaging yourself in matters making your mind sharp like solving puzzles, playing chess, and learning subjects that attract you a lot. So, try to watch movies and read books that inspire your mind and soul, and motivates you from inside like fuel.

In addition, mental self-care conjointly involves doing things that assist you to keep mentally healthy. Active self-compassion and acceptance, for instance, helps you maintain a healthier inner dialogue.


Emotional Self-help
Emotional Self-help

Emotional self-help means dealing with impatience, concerns, and sadness in such a way that leads you to express your feelings from inside on a regular basis.

  • Learn to say “No”: It will allow saying finally “Yes” to yourself.
  • Deep Breathing: Breath deeply for a few minutes, in situations when you are devastated.
  • Watch your “SORRY”: Reserve this word only for those situations, when you are truly sorry.
  • Create Boundaries: It will make your own space of life very sacred.
  • Feel your Emotions: Allow yourself to process, what situations you are going through.


Spiritual Self-help
Spiritual Self-help

Spiritual self-help means understanding your self at the next level. It adds on, religion and spirituality in your lifestyle. It helps you to deeply monitor all the activities going around you and brings calamity to your action of reaction.

Also, meditation is a very powerful thing that improves your concentration and reduces your stress level. You will come around a lot of benefits that come along with sitting in silence for a few minutes in a day.

10 Tips To Self-Esteem

  • Know Yourself.
  • Understand what makes you feel great.
  • Recognize things that set you to go down.
  • Set goals to achieve what you want.
  • Develop relations that make you feel good.
  • Don’t be afraid to ask for help.
  • Stand up for your beliefs and values.
  • Help others.
  • Take responsibility for your own actions.
  • Take good care of yourself.

Our attitude in the line of Self-help will influence the future of Humanity:

Proving, producing better self-improvement methods, the effectiveness of self-help through research, obtaining useful information published in magazines, on TV, or anywhere that reports honestly, the effects of these techniques will eventually convince a lot of people to change the educational system, media and publishing houses.

The actual “evidence” about self-help accumulates one person at a time–
One successful self-helper at a time. So if you read enough about self wheels that you try some methods (and if they work for you), then you will become part of the force that changes human thinking. Your faith in using the knowledge gained from science to control and change oneself will gradually affect other people’s attitudes.

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