Simple astrological remedy to attract money in life

Astrology tip to attract money

Who doesn’t need wealth? Even if not in abundance, we surely need it to live a healthy, prosperous and content life. But surely with increasing competition, acquiring money is also getting tougher by the day. In fact, at times, even after working so hard, people yet fail to attract the wealth they desire. This may be due to factors like blocked chakras, buri nazar, etc. 

Hence, to get rid of such woes and help you attract wealth, here are some astrological tips to help you attract wealth in life. 

A herb sachet to attract money and prosperity to your purse 


1. Mint leaves – luck, prosperity, money in abundance, wealth

2. Eggshells – protection of your money, prosperity, luck, wealth 

3. Basil – wealth, success 

4. Bay leaf – luck, success 

5. Fern – luck

6. Pink salt – protection of your money

7. Green candle 

8. Sock or sachet 

Once done, put all your ingredients into a container focusing on intent 

1. Light your green candle and place or hold it into the container.

2. Focus on the intent and repeat “I have money, I attract money”. 

3. Blow out the candle after you feel it’s been long enough 

4. Put all the ingredients in the sachet or sock.

5. Keep it in your wallet or where you hold your money.

Perform this on the full harvest moon because of its abundance and prosperity properties.

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