Sindoor- History and Importance


The Hindu-based holy marriage involves hundreds of rasams or rituals. Every ritual has its own mysteries and joy. There are several explanations we can think about, but the list is endless. Today, we will emphasize the most important element in the life of a married woman. Sindoordaan’s rasam remains unfinished without SINDOOR!

Marriage is not just the union of two persons, but of two families whose souls are join rationally and physically. Numerous Hindu wedding services pursue a similar grouping of occasions, regardless of whether it is an organized marriage or not.

History & Mythology

In past few years, India has changed a lot. The cutting edge society sees sindoor as an outline between the wedded and the unmarried women. Be that as it may, this isn’t the situation.

The origin of this ceremony occurs over five thousand years ago. Also, the Harappa findings mentions about the utilization of the ceremony. Another research claims the trace of Sindoor back to the era of Puranas.

History & Mythology of SIndoor

The color red is the symbol of power. It is related to Shakti and Durga. Also, the red shading symbolizes control.

In the wedding of Lord Shiva with Parvati, this custom was pursued and Shiva applied it on the head of Parvati. Since this, the custom has been followed in every single Hindu wedding.

It is obligatory Hindu married women to apply sindoor. This custom still takes place in Hindu weddings. Notwithstanding, numerous women today don’t have immense faith in this tradition.

Hinduism is full of customs. According to the Hindu legend, a lady needs to wear sindoor till the time her better half is alive. According to Mythology, Maa Parvati not just ensures the spouses of all the wedded women who put sindoor, yet additionally averts any malice. Thus, whenever your better half applies it, she is in a way petitioning God for your long and sound life.

The science

It is asserted that every custom has science behind it. The utilization of sindoor isn’t only a custom, yet a lifestyle that cultivates great wellbeing. On one hand, it fills in as a life span ensure for the spouse, yet on the other, it keeps a tab on the lady’s physical wealth.

The sindoor is made from turmeric and lime. Turmeric cures anxiety. It additionally helps in keeps the cerebrum fully alert. The sindoor must be applied up to the pituitary organ where every sentiment is found. This causes women to regulate their feelings.

The science of sindoor

When they can know their feelings, they can care more for their spouses and the family. As sindoor improves sexual drive it isn’t suggested for unmarried women and widows. A little youngster doesn’t have numerous duties in her dad’s home however as she winds up wedded her duties hike.

All of a sudden when such a large number of obligations please her she may get pressurized and free her control this is the reason wearing sindoor was so significant for these ladies.

Position in married life

Women are the heartbeat of any family. From Vaastu to feng shui, women attempt to enhance joy and lifestyle in their homes. Be that as it may, it is this custom of applying sindoor which can show the result of your endeavors.

Position in married life

As per the astrology, applying sindoor on the hairline is viewed as propitious as it brings favorable luck. Other than this, it is a fact that putting the red vermilion powder likewise actuates the chakras in the temple and on the crown. This draws in infinite and pranic vitality and gives the couple with success and great wellbeing.


As indicated by Indian soothsaying, Mesh (Aries) is on the temple of a human body. The Lord of Aries or its decision planet is Mars. This planet is red in shading which is accepted to be promising.

Sindoor being red in shading and furthermore applied on the temple, holds a significant spot in Hindu convention. Mysteriously, sindoor fundamentally influences the prosperity of the wedded lady as well as of her life accomplice.

Significance in festivals

There is an enormous use of sindoor with regards to celebrations. In a significant number of Hindu celebrations like Navratri and Teej, it is a custom that spouses apply sindoor on the brow of their wives. Indeed, in a significant number of the Hindu sanctuaries, sindoor is offered to numerous Goddesses.

Significance in festivals

There is another local belief with respect to the measure of sindoor that falls on a lady’s nose when her lucky man puts it on her temple. It decides how much the spouse will love her.

Reasons behind applying sindoor in maang

It is accepted that in light of the fact that sindoor is a turmeric-based powder. It assimilates the undesirable and terrible water in the temple locale, just leaving absolute water on the brow which upgrades the intensity of focus for ladies.

According to Hindu legend, the 6th chakra, likewise called the 3rd eye is focused on the temple between the eyebrows. Consequently, it goes about as a way between the profound and mental being of a spouse.

Is Sindoor different from Tilak?

Similar to the way that sindoor has an image of intensity, men would apply Tilak on their temples before they would go to the line. This sindoor would invigorate them to battle the foes. The custom of Tilak occurs normally by the spouse if the husband heads off to the war.

In old India, women create Sindoor in the house only. However, today it easily available in shops. Also, people offer it to Lord Ganesha and furthermore to Lord Hanuman.

In tales of Ramayana, Lord Hanuman to covers his body with sindoor to please Lord Rama. Moreover, people significantly offer Sindoor to Maa Parvati and Shakti.

What is Sindoor Khela?

During the recent day of Durga pooja, every one of the Bengalis performs this fascinating act in which they play with sindoor on the ending day of Durga pooja by applying Sindoor on the feet of the temple and to all the wedded ladies present in the pooja.

What is Sindoor Khela?

This festival celebrates the real pleasing sentiment of ownership of a spouse. Typically, it is a Bengali custom. However, these days, people from numerous regions celebrate it.

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