Solar Eclipse June 2020- 4 Zodiac Signs will be Lucky

Solar Eclipse June 2020

Solar Eclipse is an annual occurrence. This year the obstruction of the sun will take place on the 21st of June, 2020. The timing according to our leading astrologers is 10: 20 AM and will end at 1:49 PM. This eclipse is predicted to have a major effect on our lives, especially during the pandemic. Many are of the belief that it will give us relief from the Coronavirus. Yes, according to astrological analysis the infection will slow down thus giving the world some relief. Moreover, the solar eclipse of June 2020 will be lucky for these 4 zodiac signs.


Cancer zodiac sign will witness a change in their daily lives. Something major is seen in the cards especially in your 9th House. You will see a family member overcoming a pending health ailment. Whereas you will see appreciation for your hard work by your seniors. All in all the solar eclipse of June 2020 will bring great joy and peace in your life. Already this lockdown provided you with enough opportunities another factor will be this event in June.


The eclipse will take place in the 11th house, which signifies wrath and finances. Leo zodiac sign will see a profit when it comes to their monetary expenses. Financially this period is very fortunate for you. You will meet new people who will give you ideas that will in turn prove lucky. In matters of love you will face setbacks, but don’t lose hope as you will revive your relationship in the month of July.


The eclipse will have a positive effect on your 10th house. This denotes profession and work life. You may get promoted to a higher position because of your outstanding performance. Moreover, it will favor your current lifestyle. You have put in a lot of effort into this recognition and now all the hard work will pay off. In addition, you can definitely see a positive change in your love life. Your partner will come closer than before.


According to our analysis, the Aquarius will face a significant effect in the 5th house of your birth chart. You will have a lasting impact on your love life. People already in a relationship will come in terms of previous disagreements. Singles you will also be blessed as a match made in heaven is about to enter your life. Another striking factor of the eclipse on the water bearer will be that it will open doors for unmarried women, Auspicious dates will allow many of you to tie knots by the end of July.

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