Sound Healing Meditation – A Boon To Cope With Distress

Sound Healing Meditation – A Boon To Cope With Distress

Sound healing meditation is a method in which musical frequencies and tones are used for mental, physical, and spiritual healing. It uses vibrations to enter into a state of deeper relaxation. Sacred instruments are used to remove energy blockages from one’s body.

Sound healing is capable of improving multiple aspects of the patient’s life, including emotional and social development, psychological and psychiatric health.

History Of Sound Healing

Using sound or music to heal is believed to date back to ancient Greece, where music was used to cure mental disorders. In the 1940s, music was also used to recover the people working for the army in the United States during World War II. These days, sound is used in many aspects of mental and spiritual growth.

How Does Sound Healing Meditation Work?

Sound healing produces vibrations that alter one’s brain waves. The universe is simply a perception of waves. When we hear a particular sound, it transforms into an electrical signal which reaches the auditory nerve. This electrical signal then goes to the auditory cortex. The auditory cortex is the part of the brain that processes various sounds. Each sound wave triggers a response in our bodies. This entire process can alter the way we feel and trigger certain emotions.

Listening to music releases a great amount of dopamine in our brains. It also releases oxytocin, which is a natural painkiller. Each sound has its frequency. Each human also emits their waves, healing with sound can happen when the frequencies of the sound match to those that are conducive to healing and relaxation. Sound healing works by synchronizing one’s brain waves to archive a profound state of relaxation, which helps them restore the original vibration frequency of the cells in one’s body.

Commonly Used Sounds That Heal

Sound healing practitioners make use of music in many ways to heal the patient. Here are a few common techniques.


Humming clears one’s head and can lift one’s spirits. Also, it helps in clearing one’s sinuses too.


According to research, classical music can help cure physical ailments such as muscle tension and high blood pressure. The beats of classical music help in promoting creativity among children and increases the joy in adult’s brains.


A singing bowl sings when the practitioner runs a mallet around the bowl’s edge. Various rhythms and vibrations generate by the striking of the edge of the bowl, which helps in slowing down breathing and one’s heart rate. This promotes a deep sense of calm in an individual.


Tuning forks can be used to apply specific vibrations to different parts of one’s body. It increases the amount of energy in various parts of the body. These vibrations of the tuning fork promote relaxation and balance one’s nervous system.


According to a research, chanting helps stabilize one’s heart rate and can improve the blood circulation in our bodies. It helps the mind focus and concentrate. This helps in reducing the stress levels to a great extent and helps a person reach a better stage in their meditation. Chanting fosters a deep sense of mental clarity.

Sound Healing Meditation And Stress

Sound healing can reduce stress to a great extent. Stress is a resulting expression when fear or anxiety becomes a constant state in one’s mind. This could lead to increased heart rate and heavy breathing. Sound therapy helps to restore the normal functions of one’s nervous system. It can recharge one’s brain’s cortex with high-frequency sound. Sound healing can also reduce the negative thoughts in one’s brain, which in turn reduces one’s stress levels.

It helps a person enhance their inner calm and positive emotions. Once the brain is calm, the obsessive mind chattering and negativity reduces. Sound energy replenishes one’s brain’s energy. A high amount of the brain’s energy helps a person handle situations easily without stress. Sound therapy has been very effective in reducing people’s stress levels.

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Benefits Of Sound Healing Meditation

Recent research suggests that certain rhythms, sounds, and vibrations can help us resist and recover from a wide range of ailments. Sound healing has the following benefits:

  • It improves one’s sleep
  • It helps in reducing mood swings
  • Lowers stress levels to a great extent
  • It can lower one’s blood pressure
  • It also can help people having cholesterol issues.

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