Strangest Good luck Charms(Totke) that actually work


India has been the land of diverse cultures. Secularism has provided India with a very enriching cultural exchange- be it Christianity, Sikhism, Jainism, Islam, Buddhism or Hinduism. Each religion has its own sets of rules, code of conduct, superstition, and myths.

Myths are brought down from their respective legends and fables. For example, when once Krishna saw Chauth moon, he was proclaimed to be a thief. These myths have been believed for so long that it is now incorporated into our life without a second thought.

Given below is a list of these awfully old but fully trusted myths for good luck, prosperity and wealth.

Laughing buddha keeps your family happy

A statue of laughing Buddha, no matter how big or small is essentially believed to drive away all negative energy flow from your house and you the positive energy unendingly. This myth is brought by Buddhist roots. It is believed that this small article if placed according to vastu can bring immense prosperity. Health and smiles in your family follow behind.

Gemstones clear all hurdles

Stones are not only beautiful to be put in collect but can also help you succeed in life. The reason is in India, celestial monks are held in high respects and they settle on the choice for your sake. They study horoscope, distinguish obstructions and after that furnish you with the best gemstone or sometimes gemstones.
It’s a normal sight in India to see people of shifting age-bunches wearing adornments with sparkling, brilliant gemstones on them. Having these valuable stones on you is accepted to bring you favorable circumstances. In any case, you can’t simply pick any gemstone that you find beautiful.

A turtle for never-ending wealth and good fortune

Indians are obsessed with wealth- be it gold or cash. A turtle stands for the messenger of the goddess Laxmi, the goddess of wealth. She is shown riding on a turtle. It is known that if a turtle is kept at home, wealth follows its lead to your house. A turtle ring made of gold has a huge impact and blesses with good luck.

Shagun with extra 1 rupee as the lucky charms

It is standard to add one rupee to the shogun you are giving as it is viewed as a gift that will give the recipient love and karma.

Notwithstanding during the religious services, the offering ought to have a rupee to the measure of cash that is advanced. So it ought to be 101, not 100 or 1001 rather than 1000.

Be that as it may, it can favor you with a lifetime of satisfaction and karma. In India, it is a long-standing custom to give cash as a present at weddings and other events. For example, birthday festivities or accomplishments.

Om – A Powerful Word and charms for bringing good luck

‘Om’ is regularly acknowledged as the sound as a result of which the universe was made. The word is accepted to the ‘expression of God’ that holds tremendous capacity. To avert detestably and to ensure that one who is reciting it with unfaltering conviction.

This must be the motivation behind why you will see numerous Indians wearing a neckpiece with a pendant that has ‘Om’ recorded on it. Words are in reality amazing.

Curd and Sugar as good fortune charms

Good luck Charms

One must have a spoon of curd and sugar before he heads out. From metropolitan urban communities to remote towns, individuals pursue this custom in India. It is the obligation of a mother or grandma to encourage a spoon of curd and sugar before any of the relative strides out of the house to do some significant work. This is a typical practice when somebody is going to take a test or give a meeting.

Nimbu Mirchi Totka as good luck charms

Lemon chilies hanging India superstitions is derived from the popular tale. In the place where there are a great many divinities, it ought not to come as an unexpected that Indians put stock in the presence of ‘Alakshmi’, the goddess of the incident. When one hangs Nimbu and Mirchi put together in a thread outside their house. According to them, it keeps the misfortune away( popularly called NAZAR)

The locals figure that in the event that she enters any structure, she brings along a bundle of the incident alongside her.

So as to maintain a strategic distance from her undesirable passage to the house or shop, one string 7 green chilies and lemon together and balance it at the edge of the structure.

The thinking behind this custom is the goddess‘ attachment to sharp and hot edibles. In the event that there are lemon and chilies as contributions at the doorstep, she will fulfill her appetite and not set foot inside the house.

Vastu Shastra is a must nfor good luck charms

Good luck Charms

Whether you are buying a house or office, the first requirement is the perfect Vastu. It is an art that ensures the placement of important articles in the right direction. To ensure the proper flow of positive energy, vibrancy and to keep away spirits or bad luck.

Symbols of Deities

Sanctified icons of divinities are accepted to be the homestead the divine beings that the statue speaks to and is the wellspring of profound vitality that is ensured to secure the people who love them.

The enthusiasts accept that these symbols should be deferentially set in a holy place and revered. This will cause encompassing territories to stay free of any undesirable vibe and will welcome satisfaction, success, and karma.

 Indians believe in traditional myths. Myths dates back to the time of there forefathers which are continuing centuries past. However, every myth has it’s own effects . Some are even scientifically proven and tried. For a happy home and positive life, one makes every possible effort.

For a better understanding, one must also further read Vastu Shastra. It plays a huge role in the galaxy of astrology.

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