Sun Transit 2020 in Pisces- Impact on Each Zodiac Sign

Sun Transit 2020- Impact on Each Zodiac Sign

The mighty planet Sun will enter water sign Pisces on Saturday, March 14, at 11:45 am. As a positive fact, Lord Sun is entering a friendly Zodiac Sign Pisces that comes under the rule of Jupiter, the planet of wisdom. In Astrology, Sun has a very friendly relationship with Jupiter. Thus, people can expect a positive impact of this Sun Transit 2020 in Pisces on their lives.

However, on a large scale in India, the Sun Transit is called “Meenark”. According to the best Astrologers of India, all the auspicious ceremonies like marriage and Namakarana are prohibited during this Transit.

Furthermore, the Summer season has embarked on its journey in India for this year. Herein, Saturn influences Sun. Also, this is the time that creates a trepidation of the outbreak of the epidemic. Additionally, this period can cause a drastic change in the Economy of various nations.

Among all these happenings, to learn what every Zodiac Sign may expect from the transit, dive ahead-

Effect of Sun Transit on Aries

For Aries, the majestic planet Sun is the ruling lord of the 5th House. Additionally, it maintains a courteous relationship with your Sign Lord, Mars.

As a bright result of Sun Transit, you experience a foreign trip in the coming time. Especially, natives who desire to go for education in a foreign land may get a positive result. Their dreams may come true soon. However, you need to keep a tight hold on your pocket. A few high expenses are on your way.

Talking about your personal life, it is not the right time to fly high in terms of love. Thus, take it slow. Additionally, take proper care of your health.

Effect of Sun Transit on Taurus

For the Taurus natives, the Sun is the ruling lord of the 4th House. During this transit, the Sun will move through the 11th House. As a matter of fact, it represents profits and gains.

Talking of the same, you will receive a gain or bonus in your income. You can expect a huge monetary gain. Also, your economic status will be enhanced and it will attract the attention of your social circle. You’ll get a chance to meet society’s dignitaries and will experience a new level of fame in your life. In addition to this, you will enjoy a happy time with your family members, especially with your siblings.

You might cross your paths with a person with an extremely different personality. Nonetheless, you need to add precautionary measures while forming any kind of relationship with the opposite sex.

Effect of Sun Transit on Gemini

For Geminis, the mighty Sun will be the 4th House Lord. Additionally, the Sun will be in the 10th House. It represents the career of a person. The 10th House is also called the Karm Bhava or the career house.

Owing to the Sun in the 10th House, you can experience a great result in your professional life. Also, you can expect an increment or bonus. Further, this transition indicates a high chance of getting a promotion. It will further lead you to have a singular kind of fame and respect from your social circle.

In addition to this, you will experience a boost in your self-expression. Also, you can anticipate gains from the government sector.

Effect of Sun Transit on Cancer

For Cancerians, the Sun will the 2nd lord. In addition, it will be in your 9th House. As a matter of fact, the celestial star, Moon has a friendly relation with the Sun and it rules over the Sign Cancer. In addition, the 9th House represents spirituality and fortune.

You are going to experience a hike in your reputation. Also, if you feel stuck at your work, now is the time to breakthrough. You are going to receive a good opportunity to work. However, a drop in your father’s health can add an upsetting incident for a while.

Nonetheless, you have a great chance to get success in your professional life. Also, you can go on an excursion soon. It will bestow your peace of mind.

Effect of Sun Transit on Leo

The royal planet Sun your Sign Lord. Therefore, Sun Transit is significantly important for you. During the transit in Pisces, the Sun will be in your 8th House.

The transit will draw your attention towards the occult sciences and similar subjects. It is quite a favorable time for you. Additionally, you can experience joy and bliss. However, don’t overlook your health meanwhile your enjoyment.

Furthermore, the 8th House signifies spiritual gain and longevity. If you have a bend towards spirituality, this is the right time to practice it.

Effect of Sun Transit

Effect of Sun Transit on Virgo

For Virgo, the Sun will be the Ruling lord of your 12th House. Whereas, it will be in the 7th House. Therefore, your 7th House that represents love, romance and sexuality will experience an occupancy by the pride planet. On the other hand, your 12th house signifies expenses, dreams, secret and emotions.

As a result, if you are married, you can experience a rough patch of your marriage for a while. You might land into arguments with your partner. However, in your professional life, you can experience a great result. Your business will blossom and gains will take place.

Effect of Sun Transit on Libra

For Libras, planet Sun will be the ruling lord of the 11th House. Additionally, it will be in the 6th house. The eleventh house represents profits whereas the sixth house signifies debts and difficulties.

As a positive outcome, you will acquire success in legal matters. However, your expense may rise whereas your income can decrease. Therefore, to avert debts, keep tight your pocket already.

Nonetheless, you can acquire great results in a competitive exam. In addition, take proper care of your health and avoid the intake of hot food items for a while.

Effect of Sun Transit on Scorpio

For Scorpios, the Sun will be the 10th Ruling lord. In addition, it will be in your 5th House. The 10th House is of career whereas; the 5th House signifies playfulness and optimism.

As an outcome, you may experience several ups and downs in your professional life. However, it is the right time to move further in terms of education. However, you are required to remain unease about cutbacks and save money for future needs. You make sufficient space to cover unforeseen expenses. Also, you make enough provision to meet unexpected expenses. In addition, you may experience a hard time with your children. Therefore, keep your pride low and convey your words with love.

Effect of Sun Transit on Sagittarius

For Sagittarians, the mighty Sun will be the 4th Lord. In addition, it will take place in the 9th House. As a matter of fact, it is also the ruling lord of the 9th House.

The Sun Transit in Pisces will bring you mixed results. You may experience numerous highs and lows in your personal life. Especially, the health of your mother would be affected by transit. Also, your family may experience hindrance in peace. Whereas, you can enjoy good health as well as a reputed financial position.

Effect of Sun Transit on Capricorn

For Capricorns, the Sun will be the lord of Ayu Bhava i.e. the 8th Huse. Also, it signifies sudden gain and losses. In addition, the Sun will be in your 3rd House. It represents neighbors, siblings, communicative models, mental health, and several body parts.

You may have to deal with a downfall in your health. Also, your parents would experience the same. However, nothing can move your determination. Thus, you’ll take every possible risk to overcome and eventually conquer.

Effect of Sun Transit on Aquarius

For Aquarians, the Sun will be the 7th Ruling Lord. Additionally, it will be in your 2nd House. It represents money and possessions. Under the influence of the Sun Transit, you can experience ill health. It can cause poor health for you and your partner. Also, you may have a low grasp of your emotions too.

In addition to this, you can land into several unnecessary arguments with your partner. However, business people will have a smooth running of their trades. It will offer satisfaction. Nonetheless, you need to put more effort to keep it going in the same way.

Effect of Sun Transit on Pisces

For Pisceans, it will be a complicated time as the Sun will move to your 1st House. You will experience the optimum of the Sun Transit. During this transition, your health will witness numerous ups and downs. However, you will cope up with it soon.

Specifically, you’ll have to take care of your eating habits. Otherwise, it can draw drastic health fall for you. Also, you wouldn’t be able to recover from it soon. Therefore, if you feel necessary, go to a doctor. Take all the precautionary measures. However, your financial power will take a rise meanwhile. Thus, be ready to enjoy the bliss.

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