Sun & Venus Conjunction- Effect In Each House

Sun And Venus Conjunction

The sun represents a person’s soul, ego, heart, self-esteem, father, and creator. Venus is a feminine planet. It represents one’s spouse, relationships, art, beauty, and luxury. The Sun and Venus conjunction is all about creating various relationships with others. The degrees and position of the Sun and Venus with respect to each other decided the quality of these relationships. Let’s see how this conjunction impacts each house!

Sun & Venus Conjunction in the First House

The first house represents ‘Fame’ or how the world sees you. Venus is all about dealing with relationships. With the sun giving light to Venus, a person becomes diplomatic in nature to be able to maintain relationships well. This position brings wealth and luxury in one’s life through marriage.

A native of this position loves being recognized for his work and creativity. Their life is about love and relationship. They become devoted to some higher cause which is generally given by a guru or father.

Sun & Venus Conjunction in the Second House

The second house represents family, money, wealth, culture, beauty, and things that one values. This is a strong combination and a person will want to lead a luxurious life – they want things to be royal and regal. One will be separated from their home very early in life. They are quite consumed with physical beauty. They may become lustful.

Through marriage, a native of this position starts attaining wealth. This happens especially after the birth of their first child. Generally, these individuals are good at dealing with money. They tend to have a strong career.

Sun & Venus Conjunction in the Third House

This conjunction in the third house makes a person a great performing artist. They enjoy expressing themselves through some kind of performance. Professionally, they can be an actor, stage performer, director, or filmmaker. The natives know how to grab someone’s attention and know-how to entice others.

They have great love and admiration for neighbors and siblings. They have an amazing relationship with them. A person is going to make money once they travel to a faraway place. When they get married, this placement activates their talents and fame.

Sun & Venus Conjunction in the Fourth House

The fourth house represents home, mother, comfort, and homeland. The Sun represents authority, king, and father. Venus represents beauty, devotion, and how to engage with other people. When these planets sit together in the fourth house, a person will be very keen on having a home which is beautiful. This person loves taking care of their home.

The natives of this positioning look for romance in their life. They are very diplomatic in nature. It is really beneficial for the natives to work in the government. If the energy of Venus is combust, then their partner can be really overpowering.

Sun & Venus Conjunction in the Fifth House

The fifth house represents intelligence, education, children, past life deeds, and creativity. Venus represents divinity, romance, and love. The Sun is the king, soul, authority, and it brightens the qualities of Venus. When the Sun and Venus conjunct in the fifth house, a person becomes interested in politics. They make good diplomats. After the birth of their firstborn child, fame comes into their lives and they are put into an authoritative position.

They generally have a bruise or cut mark on their stomach. The mark acts as a sign of prosperity. Generally, they face a major heartbreak in their romantic life.

Sun & Venus Conjunction in the Sixth House

With this conjunction in the sixth house, major marriage problems may arise which might end up in a divorce. This might happen due to the debts or infidelity of the spouse. The sixth house the original debilitated position of Venus. This leads to many fights, arguments, break-ups in relationships.

A native of this position can rise in their life in the field of diplomacy, law, a business of loans. These individuals are generally subservient in the marriage. Otherwise, their spouse will rebel. This can act as a trigger in the marriage.

Sun & Venus Conjunction in the Seventh House

This is a very interesting position. The native’s father might cause issues within the marriage. This positioning leads to objections by the family in the case of love marriage.

These individuals are extremely romantic. Since the Sun is together with Venus, the romance is accompanied by ego. If Venus is present in a feminine sign, the native’s spouse will be able to compromise within the marriage. If it is in the masculine sign, ego plays a major role. This individual is a very good negotiator. They make great lawyers.

Sun & Venus Conjunction in the Eighth House

The eighth house represents secrets or any hidden activity. The natives of this positioning somehow come across a Tantrik in their lives. These people have the ability to come out of death. A person can rejuvenate themselves and brings themselves out of any situation easily, especially after marriage.

Their sexual appetite is generally extremely strong. This person has many hidden secret powerful relationships with politicians, govt officials, and even the underworld. This person secretly desires to be the most powerful person.

Sun & Venus Conjunction in the Ninth House

The ninth house represents a higher devotion. A person will have to travel to meet their spouse. They generally meet their spouse in a religious or spiritual ceremony. The native’s spouse and father will get into fights and disputes often. Their spouse may try to manipulate situations if Venus is combust.

After marriage, this conjunction in the ninth house raises the luck of an individual. They are interested in economics, international relations.

Sun & Venus Conjunction in the Tenth House

When the Sun and Venus conjunct in the tenth house, a person receives money and wealth after marriage. Generally, they meet their spouse or soul-mate at their workplace.

Their boss plays a major role in charting out their career. If Venus is less than one degree behind the Sun, their career will magnify itself through a female boss. Their firstborn generally becomes very famous in their lives. They can be lucrative. They will receive worldwide recognition.

Sun & Venus Conjunction in the Eleventh House

The natives of this conjunction in the eleventh house are greatly romantic individuals. They seek for love. They generally marry someone much younger than them. Also, they are always attracted to people who are youthful.

They start developing many political connections after their marriage and are really interested in world affairs. These individuals desire to attain education in economics. They have the capability to easily connect with people.

Sun & Venus Conjunction in the Twelfth House

The twelfth house represents expenses and losses. When the Sun and Venus conjunct in the twelfth house, a person might have to deal with several confusions in marriage. Generally, the spouse is extravagant. If Venus is combust, their spouse spends mindlessly.

They have a romance with someone in foreign lands and end up feeling burned out in most of their relationships. The native makes great progress if their children are born in foreign lands or if the children move to foreign lands.

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