Tarot Weekly Prediction 20 August To 27 August 2023

Tarot Weekly Prediction 06


: The Empress This week, Aries, you’re entering a period of nurturing and growth. Just as the Empress card suggests, focus on creating harmony and abundance in your life. Pay attention to your surroundings, tend to your relationships, and embrace your creative side. This is a time of fertility and positive energy – allow it to flow freely.


The Hanged Man (Reversed) Taurus, this week may bring a shift in your perspective. If you’ve been feeling stuck or indecisive, the energy is starting to shift. Embrace change and let go of any resistance. The reversed Hanged Man indicates that you’re releasing old patterns and gaining a fresh outlook. Trust the process and be open to new possibilities.


The Lovers (Reversed) Gemini, focus on balance and harmony in your relationships this week. The reversed Lovers card suggests potential conflicts or imbalances. Communication is key – be honest and open with your loved ones. Make choices that align with your values and promote unity. Seek compromise and work towards mutual understanding.

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The Chariot Cancer, this week is all about determination and forward movement. The Chariot card indicates that you have the power to overcome obstacles and achieve your goals. Stay focused, channel your energy, and don’t let anything hold you back. Your drive and confidence will propel you towards success.


: The High Priestess Leo, tap into your intuition and inner wisdom this week. The High Priestess suggests that there’s more to a situation than meets the eye. Trust your instincts and pay attention to your dreams and gut feelings. You have a deeper understanding of matters at hand, so use your insights to make informed decisions.


The Tower (Reversed) Virgo, any upheaval or sudden changes you’ve been experiencing are starting to stabilize. The reversed Tower card indicates that you’re finding a way to rebuild and regain control. Embrace the opportunity for transformation and personal growth. Focus on what truly matters and let go of what no longer serves you.

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The World Libra, this week marks a sense of completion and fulfillment. The World card signifies a cycle coming to an end, bringing a sense of achievement and closure. Celebrate your accomplishments and embrace the lessons you’ve learned. As one door closes, new opportunities will begin to present themselves.


The Seven of Cups Scorpio, you may be faced with multiple choices and options this week. The Seven of Cups suggests that there could be some confusion or uncertainty. Take your time to evaluate each possibility and consider the consequences. Focus on your priorities and make decisions that align with your long-term goals.


The Magician Sagittarius, you have the power to manifest your desires this week. The Magician card indicates that you have all the tools you need to create positive change in your life. Channel your skills, resources, and creativity to achieve your goals. Trust in your abilities and take action with confidence.


The Nine of Pentacles Capricorn, this week brings a sense of financial security and independence. The Nine of Pentacles suggests that your hard work and dedication are paying off. Enjoy the fruits of your labor and take time to appreciate the luxuries in your life. Continue to nurture your achievements and maintain a balanced approach.


The King of Swords (Reversed) Aquarius, this week, it’s important to find a balance between intellect and emotion. The reversed King of Swords suggests that you may be too focused on logic and detached thinking. Allow yourself to tap into your intuition and consider the emotional aspects of a situation. Seek harmony between your mind and heart.


The Ace of Cups Pisces, prepare for emotional renewal and new beginnings. The Ace of Cups signifies a surge of love, creativity, and positive emotions. Open your heart to new experiences, relationships, and opportunities. This is a time to embrace joy, compassion, and a deeper connection with yourself and others.

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