Taurus Season 2020- Here’s What Makes Taurus Most Beautiful Zodiac

Most Beautiful Zodiac

As the spring season has begun and it is the best time to be equally lazy and sensual. Here I add sensual because it brings us the very voluptuous & idle Taurus Season. Talking of which, beauty may be in the eyes of the perceiver. However, there are many many reasons that make Taurus the most beautiful zodiac sign.

Before we begin, here are a few things that you might like to know about this zodiac-

Taurus/वृषभ (20th April to 20th May)
Taurus Element: Earth
Quality: Fixed
Color: Green, Pink
Day: Friday, Monday
Taurus Ruling Lord: Venus
The Most Compatible with- Scorpio, Cancer
Taurus Lucky Numbers: 2, 6, 9, 12, 24

Venus, the planet of beauty, luxury, love, pleasure and romance rules over Taurus. So, this sign master the art of eroticism, joy, and romance. It is impossible to overlook the depth of their oceans looking eyes. They possess love, passion, enthusiasm, and yet stoic, stubborn & materialist. On one side these people embrace the shimmers of heavenly desires in their soul. On the other side, they are precise, wise, creative, patient, intellectual, and marvelously strong.

A Taurus always crave growth. To them, development is essential. As the illuminating and stunning planet Venus rules them, their most common trait is the desire for passion, comfort, and love.

There is a lot about a Taurus. So, let’s have a look-

They are Logical Bulls

Taurus is a logical zodiac sign. It is neither afraid of battles not tragedies. Once they know something can happen, they mold themselves accordingly. They are a sensitive sign, though. A sudden change in the behavior of a person who is important to them can hurt them. Yet, their enduring qualities are wonders to watch.

These are the type of people you may go for advice in critical situations as well as hilarious occasions. They are renowned for their critical thinking, the approach of behavior, and methodical manner.

What Makes Taurus Most Beautiful Zodiac

Taurus is Humble and Compassionate

Taurus have their feet strongly on the ground. Whereas, their empathic and creative abilities make their heart wander in dense forests. In their free time, they just want to lay back and relax. They have a calm mindset and a compassionate heart.

They are kind, compassionate and always humble around everyone. Their arms are always open to all types of love and friendly behavior. People are comfortable around them. Care and possessiveness for their loved ones are their innate qualities.

Determined and Ambitious

Similar to Capricorn and Virgo, Taurus is an Earth Sign. Owing to this, it is a very practical and well-grounded sign. Commonly, these people harvest the fruits of labor. You may always find a Taurus surrounded by immense love and beauty. They turn these qualities into their hard work to attain success.

These people have an enigmatic appearance amalgamated with their charming way of speaking. Stable in conversation, good listeners, and most reliable in terms of work make them a determined zodiac sign. They permanently believe in obtaining benefits of only their hard work.

Caring, friendly and Stubborn Bulls

When a Taurus walks out of their office, they put on the attire of a nomad. A Taurus is someone who knows to squeeze fun from a dry situation too. Often, lazy & chilled out, if a Taurus is having a weekend with you, you may end partying nonstop or just laying on the couch and talking about almost nothing sensible.

A Taurus is a friend who would listen to all of your dramas, laugh with you and if you come home tired or drunk they will look after you. These people always have the backs of their friends. Around a Taurean, it is not possible to feel bored or insignificant. They will constantly remind you of your importance. However, it is not easy to convince them. These people are too stubborn at times.

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