The Correct & Wrong Predictions of the First Astrologer of Astrotalk

First things first, thank you for the massive love and support you all have shown on the first episode of The Astrotalk Show. Continuing with our journey, in the second episode of The Astrotalk Show, we have in conversation astrologer Heena and the founder and CEO of Astrotalk, Puneet Gupta, as our guest.

For those who don’t know, astrologer Heena and Puneet share a very close bond. It was astrologer Heena who had correctly predicted in 2015 that Puneet will start a company as successful as Astrotalk one day. And although Puneet didn’t believe her back then, but once each and every prediction of Heena began to come true for him, he became a fan of her and now consults with her on a regular basis.  

“Heena and I used to work together, but I was never happy about my job and wanted to start a business. One day Heena came to me and offered me a future prediction. I didn’t believe in astrology back then but still went for the prediction just for the fun of it. Predicting my future, Heena told me that I will soon start an IT company that, however, will shut down in 2 years. She then added that I will start another company, which will grow exponentially and make me a millionaire” says Puneet. 

As predicted by Heena, Puneet did start an IT company in 2015 but it was shut down after 2 years after his partner left him. “I couldn’t believe it. All of Heena’s predictions were coming true for me. So I called her again to talk about my future. There she advised me to start a B to C business and that’s how the idea of Astrotalk came up,” Puneet adds.   

In conversation, Puneet asks astrologer Heena how did she manage to predict everything so accurately for him, including his marriage. The conversation also has the duo recall some fun memories from the past. 

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