Third and Sixth Houses in Astrology- Similarity and Differences

Third and Sixth Houses in Astrology- Similarity and Differences

There are twelve houses in Vedic Astrology. Each of these houses has its own significance and importance in the life of the native. They have their own benefic and malefic qualities and effects on them. Further, some houses are neutral and their effects depend on their signification and the planets that are placed in those houses. As a result, the planets that reside in these houses have their corresponding effects. It is now in your second nature that it is these planets that reside in the houses that give these the corresponding traits. This time around we will be taking a look at the third and sixth houses of one’s horoscope.

Reading on, you will find a detailed analysis of each of the two houses in depth. So, let’s go on with it.

Natural Significators and Associated Zodiac Signs:

The third house naturally belongs to the planet, Mercury. Mercury is the natural significator of this house. The Zodiac Sign associated with the third house of Vedic Astrology is Gemini. In Vedic Astrology, this house is also referred to as the Sahaj Bhava. This means it is the “House of Spontaneity”, that is, your innate qualities and reactions are determined by this house.

In the case of the sixth house of Astrology, it also has Mercury as it’s natural significator. But, as the Zodiac Sign associated is not the same for any two houses, it is the case here too. Virgo is the associated Zodiac Sign with this house. It is also referred to as and known as the Shathru Bhava. Shathru Bhava literally translates to “House of Enemies”.

Significance of the Third House:

The third house represents and talks about the early education of the native whose horoscope we are looking at. It also deals a lot with mental power. Consequently, it talks about the native’s inclination towards studies. Your mental abilities are also determined by this house. The third house of Astrology also deals with your intellect. It also determines your memory power. The short travels that the native may undergo is also under the influence of the third house.

This house has an influence on all modes of communication. This includes telephone, mobile phones, radio, TV, the internet, and so on. It also represents the communication between the native and his younger siblings. It has an influence over the communication towards his or her neighbors. Even the jobs and careers related to communication and media are under the influence of the third house of Astrology.

These include writing, video and disk jockeys, newsreaders, and television anchors. This is because of the fact that this house rules over a native’s verbal expression.

Significance of the Sixth House:

The sixth house of Astrology has a big influence on the native’s health. His or her total immune system and an immune response is determined by this house. In simpler words, how quickly you will recover from ailments and immunity power. The sixth house also deals with one’s fears and how and/or whether he or she may overcome them.

This house also regulates our thinking and thoughts, in that it deals with the evil thoughts we have. Since evil thoughts only lead to evil deeds and manifest themselves as evil actions, the sixth house also represents our wrongdoings. Your physical power and perseverance also come under the influence of this house.

The sixth house also tells us about the native’s ability to work hard and whether he or she will. It also talks about how your subordinates will behave towards you – their feelings towards you, their loyalty, and work.

It is the desire towards serving others that tends to be a key aspect of the sixth house. Hence, it rules over the careers that require service to others like police, military, doctors, and healthcare professionals. The sixth house leads to and talks about the native’s self-improvement. A benefic planet in this house will make the individual work towards improving himself or herself, and dedicate time for personal development.

Body Parts Associated and Role in Mundane Astrology:

The body parts associated with the third house are in the upper body. These are the shoulders, chest, arms, lungs, and the thyroid gland. The third house in Mundane Astrology represents the neighboring and adjacent countries. The relation with these countries travels to these countries and the relation with these countries.

Whereas, in the case of the sixth house, it has its influence over the body parts and organs in the abdomen region. These include the native’s stomach, small and large intestines, colon, and the digestive system.

The working-class people of society (Vaishyas) are considered to the “stomach” of the society in the Vedic scriptures. Similarly and analogous to it, the sixth house represents the working-class people of the country, in Mundane Astrology. It also represents the sanitation system, hygiene, and health of the population. This house also represents the defense and the human resources of the country.

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