Tips to attract money and please goddess Lakshmi this Diwali

Wealth is something that has always remained a primary requirement. Off lately, we need it to satisfy our materialistic pleasures and happiness. In India, we pray and hope that goddess Lakshmi continues to bless us with immense wealth, prosperity and all-round welfare.
Lack of wealth often causes disruption in a harmonious life leading us to difficulties. Goddess Lakhmi imparts the overall prosperity to her devotees which extends to materialistic abundance, good health (both on the inside and outside) and the ability to perform good deeds.

Diwali is the most appropriate time of the year to set up and upgrade your financial goals. Get yourself a detailed financial report based on your date and time of birth, with the most accurate time frames and proper investment planning of your finances in the coming period. 

5 types of people Goddess Lakshmi never showers her blessings on:

  • Goddess Lakshmi never sprinkles her grace over someone who is self-absorbed or greedy. A person should abandon the spirit of revenge and help the needy and poor.
  • Anger is one of the most powerful emotions a human can go through and if not handled properly, it can cause destructive outcomes for you and your closed ones.  On that account, people who need Maa Lakshmi’s blessings are advised to control their anger.
  • A Point often overlooked is learning to get rid of laziness and avoiding the work of today on tomorrow as it is another factor that helps devotees win Mata Lakshmi’s blessing. 
  •  Someone who is submerged in the ego of his power and money, Lakshmi doesn’t stay for long for him. In fact, Ravana is a prime example of that and everybody knows how catastrophic his end was, thanks to all the ego.
  • Goddess Lakshmi rushes from the house of a person who spends more than his earnings. Given that, spending less or only what is required helps us identify our true priorities.  

6 places to definitely lit the lamp to attract money and please goddess Lakshmi this Diwali

The festival of illumination is the most auspicious time to bring goddess Lakshmi home with the lights of Deepawali. In addition to that, Maa Lakshmi pours her blessings, rains money, happiness, and prosperity. According to the scriptures, the festival of Diwali is dedicated to Lakshmi. People decorate their homes with lamps to get the blessings of her. 

  • The first lamp should be lit on the Peepal tree on the evening of Diwali as the Peepal tree is the abode of all the deities. Goddess Lakshmi (in the form of fortune, wealth and prosperity) abides in the houses of those who light the first lamp at this place.
  • A lamp must be lit on the day of Diwali in the temple around the house. Doing so will keep the grace of Goddess Lakshmi throughout the year and there will be no shortage of money.
  • It is believed that on the night of Diwali, Goddess Lakshmi comes from the main door of the house. So on Diwali night, light two lamps on either side of the main door.
  • The courtyard is the main and important part of the house. On the night of Diwali, Mata Lakshmi is said to enter from the courtyard beside the door. Therefore, in that regard, a lamp should be lit in the courtyard.
  • On Diwali night, lighting lamps around the corners of your house help in bringing monetary benefits to the home. Furthermore, it prevents evil spirits to enter your property.
  • You must light a lamp where you keep the money. This helps enhance the overall divine energy and attracting wealth.

Vastu Directions for Lakshmi Puja to attract money this Diwali

  • Dedicate a room/ space or a specified secluded spot just for worship. Vastu says that it’s good if the ideal space of the Puja room is decided beforehand, in accordance with the available space in 16 Vastu regions. However, the best directions for the Puja room are west and east-north-east. 
  • Although there’s no hard and fast rule regarding the setup of the Puja space, absolute devotion is what is needed. But Cleaning and decluttering is the key to unlock the door of positive energies.
  • An equally important thing to remember during Lakshmi Diwali Pujan is, instead of making Swastik and Om symbols in the Rangoli, draw them on the North/East walls to bring good luck and prosperity home.

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  • Make rangoli preferably near the entrance of the house for the grand welcome of Goddess Lakshmi. Lightning diyas in all the dark corners of the house is also of great value, be it a bathroom, kitchen or staircase.

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