Top 10 Taurus Celebrities- Who Is Your Favorite?

Top 10 Taurus Celebrities

Taurus is a reliable personality. They are the zodiac sign that you can trust with anything you want to. Their zeal of being successful makes them very determined. Also, Taurus has a tendency to stick to their plans and no one can change what they think. Their stubbornness reflects in everything they do. Apart from being determined, they don’t like anyone controlling their life. Taurus can understand you, way better than any other person. And all their traits, help them to get a wealthy and famous career. Here are the top 10 Taurus Celebrities-

TAURUS – Born between April 19 – May 20 
Element – Earth
Sign – Bull

Gigi Hadid

April 23

Gigi is a famous model. You can always count on her to just embrace with her looks. Her Instagram posts will make you instantly love her food choices. Gigi is known for making fashion statements. She is strong, confident and beautiful. She began her modelling career when she was just two years old. Gigi is talented and makes a perfectly gorgeous Taurus. No doubt she is one of the most popular Taurus Celebrities.

Queen Elizabeth II

April 21

No wonder that queen is Taurus. She is a boss that runs commonwealth like a pro. People love her nature. No one can really object her and her strong decision. She has been serving England Monrachy since quite a long time now. In fact, she is the longest-serving monarch.

John Cena 

April 23

Taurus signs have a tendency to be more successful. This because of their determination and stubbornness. A Taurus would tell clearly what they need. John Cena has worked really hard for what he has in life. Also, he continues to work hard. He is a wrestler, actor, rapper, and television presenter. Hence, he is a total achievement in himself.

Katherine Langford

April 29

She is a “13 reasons why” fame. Soon after the launch of the series, Katherine was loved for her pretty face and beautiful acting skills. She will be next starred in Netflix series “CURSE”. Katherine is a pure Taurus. Her down to earth nature makes her more attractive.

The Rock

May 2

“The Rock” knows about the importance of astrology. He has talked about Taurus on twitter and also has a bull tattoo on his arm. His real name is Dwayne Johnson. He attracts a lot of fame from his fans. The Rock is an actor, producer, businessman, retired professional wrestler, and former American football player. This tells how curious he is in experimenting with himself.

Anushka Sharma

May 1

Anushka is one of the most highest paying actresses in India these days. She is loved for her looks and acting skills. Anushka has made a popular name for herself at a very young age. Her discipline and passion tell a lot about her Taurus sign. As a Taurus, she is very loyal and we all love seeing her posting about her partner Virat Kohli.

David Beckham

May 2

He is a soccer star and is known for how close he is to his family. He has an ink tattooed of every member of the Beckham family. His dashing looks makes him embrace his Taurus traits more.


May 5

Adele is a pure music lover. Her passion and determination for music keep her going. Adele has been awarded the prestigious Grammy award. She has accepted that she likes to stay very close to her family. Adele was ranked sixth on Forbes’ list of highest-paid celebrities under the age of 30 in 2012.

Robert Pattinson

May 13

Robert Pattison once said, “Sometimes just when I say hello the right way, I’m like, ’Whoa, I’m so cool.” Well! he is a proper Taurus. We all know him for a charming personality. He has always been loyal to his relationships. His determination for his career reflects in his decisions as Robert chose to be in “Harry Potter” over going to university.

Madhuri Dixit

May 15

Taurus people are very strong. They are loyal, humane and dedicated. Madhuri Dixit has appeared in more than 70 Bollywood movies. She is still ideal for people wanting success in the film industry. Her dance moves are signature steps now. Her experience in the film industry is commendable.

These were the top Taurus Celebrities.

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