Is any of your body organ twitching?- Know what does it signify

Twitching Significance

Our body listens to our mind and acts accordingly. The Science says that and the Samudra Shastra believes the same as well. As per the Samudra Shastra, the parts of our are very sensitive and they can catch even the slight signs of the mind. This quality and sensitivity of theirs could indicate the upcoming events in your life. When your body part twitches, it is symbolic of some future predictions. Different body parts are associated with different events. In this article, you’ll be reading twitching of which body part signifies what?

Twitching of Muscles

If we talk on scientific terms then the twitching of muscles is an involuntary action. It happens on its own and is something that you cannot control. Nonetheless, the twitching of muscles can also predict one’s future. The Samudra Shastra states if a left side of a man’s body twitches then it is a bad omen. It means some bad news is going to approach you. It may death of someone or losing a job.

However, the twitching of the right side of a man’s body is a good sign. It symbolizes something good is going to happen and good news will soon be approaching them. Moreover, in the case of females however, it is the opposite. Twitching if left side symbolizes good news while the right side stands for the bad news.

Eye Twitches

It is the most common one and probably everyone knows what it signifies. The twitching a left eye means you will be hearing good news soon. However, if your right eye twitches, it means that very soon your dreams are going to turn into reality.

Twitching of forehead

The twitching of the forehead is very rare but it is very good if it happens to you. It means that the person is going to get all the worldly pleasures of life and if one’s temple twitches, it means he or she is going to get monetary benefits soon.

Lips twitches

If you could feel your lips twitching while talking, then understand you are going to have new friends soon. They can be new friends or even the old ones who may be reconnected to you.

Shoulder twitches

The twitching of the right shoulder means you are going to be financially independent soon. You could expect a new job, a promotion in the older one, or travel overseas. If your left shoulder is twitching, it means your health is soon going to be better. However, if you notice both of your shoulders twitching at the same time, it is a bad omen. It signifies you will be getting indulged in a big fight. So, be careful it could be a legal fight as well.

Fingers twitching

If you could see your fingers twitching, then it means you are going to meet an old friend of yours or an acquaintance soon. You people will be again reconnecting and your bonding is going to be cherished like never before.

Elbow Twitches

If your right elbow twitches, then it’s time to be aware. You could get involved in a huge fight. However, twitching of a left elbow means soon you will be gaining respect and prestige in the society. You will be getting power and people may look up to you for the same.

Back Twitching

If your back twitches, then it not a good sign at all. It is indicating you to get prepared, financially, physically as well as emotionally to face the struggle ahead.

Cheeks twitches

It is very rare to happen still if you could see your cheeks twitching rigorously. Then get up and go for a health checkup as the cheek twitches signify a chronic illness.

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