Type of Girlfriend you are based on your Zodiac Sign

zodiac signs as type of girlfriends

Have you ever noticed that a Virgo man instantly feels partial to a Capricorn woman, despite her distant demeanours? ever wondered how does an Aries female find her latent passion ignited with a Sagittarius male? It’s because there is something unique about each zodiac which makes them lovely in the eyes of their partners. You can be an adventurous girlfriend or the practical down to earth type. You can be very sensitive or too reticent. It all comes down to your zodiac sign.

So in this context let’s figure out what type of girlfriend you are based on your zodiac sign. 

Aries- The Spontaneous Type

When an Aries is to enter a relationship it is no joke. They consider all possibilities before giving love a try. Aries girlfriends are generally active, creative and fearless. They are always up for something new. An Aries woman is goal-oriented and expects the same from her partner. If her partner is not as ambitious as she is, then it’s a major red flag for them. In addition, they plan the most fun weekend getaway. Indeed, Aries woman is the power couple of the zodiac lot. 

The Spontaneous Zodiac Sign

Taurus- The Forever and Ever Type

Taurus you are the most loyal, patient and loving girlfriend. You commit only when you are sure that your feelings will be 100% reciprocated. You don’t settle for less. Moreover, you are the kind of woman who will put her extra efforts to solve any dispute or miscommunication in your relationship. You are dedicated to your partner as you value love more than anything. You are the kind of person who is there to carry it forever, You don’t believe in fooling around, you take your time during courtship. Nonetheless, when you are finally devoted to your boyfriend there’s no looking back. 

Gemini- The Love at First Type

Gemini you are the kind of girl that has the potential of making a guy fall head over heels in love at the very first date. You have an aura around you that makes you irresistible. The time spent with you never seems to be enough by your lover. You are a passionate lover with little to no room for a dull moment. As a Gemini, you live up to the expectation of your partner by being versatile and flexible. Yes, you always see the good in people and try to make your relationship withstand any storm. You come off as attractive by being understanding and high on life at the same time. Your unique personality is much adored by your suitors.

Cancer- The Wife Material Type

Cancer woman, you are supportive and nurturing in love. You value family and romantic relationships the most in life. You are the bone of your SO, always motivating them to achieve their goals. It is also true that you spoil your man with all the love and attention,  It makes your boyfriend hard to move on to another relationship. The warm cosy feeling is hard to replace by any other woman your exes may come across. Oftentimes your mood swings may cause rifts between you and your partner. In such a situation You should try to think from your head rather than your heart. 

Cancer - The Wife Material Type

Leo- The Flamboyant Personality Type

You are the high maintenance girlfriend, who knows that she looks without any apology. You are confident which first makes a man make a move. Your whole personality demands attention, which sometimes can be exhausting for your man. However, you also consider your partner’s emotions. People call you selfish in a relationship which is far from the truth. You give a lot and expect the same amount of effort back. 

Leo- The Flamboyant Personality Type Zodiac Sign

Virgo- The Partner in Crime Type

The most reliable and stable girlfriend award goes to Virgo woman. You are always there for your partner. You have it all planned, your finances, career and relations. You definitely prioritize your relationship but your career is equally important. Tus, You strike a great balance between the two. Moreover, you are the girl who participates in every mischief with their lover. Virgo, you can come off as reserved but only your closed ones know how much fun of a person you are, especially when smitten by love.

Virgo- The Partner in Crime Type Zodiac Sign

Libra- The Best Friend Girlfriend Type

The warm and romantic Libra woman is labelled as the ideal girlfriend material. Most of the time you turn your friendship into a relationship. Yes, you befriend people before taking things to the next level. Also, your social skills are unmatched. Nevertheless, you also add much-needed passion in your love life. You are the kind of girl who will have an amazing bond with your partner’s family. While you know what you want out of life, you also take into consideration your partners opinion.

Libra- The Best Friend Girlfriend Type Zodiac Sign

Scorpio- The once in a lifetime Type

As a Scorpio female, you radiate power and determination. You carry yourself in a way that men are smitten by your aura. You make a lasting impression in your relationships. The one who is not easy to forget for all the right reasons. Moreover, your mysterious character always piques your boyfriend’s curiosity. Your sensual, intense and super confident personality hooks men. Nonetheless, when Scorpio commits its a serious business, no goofing around.

Scorpio- The once in a lifetime Type Zodiac Sign

Sagittarius- The Always Positive Type

As a fire sign, you are the most outgoing girl one can ever ask for. You’re all for happy moments and fights remain at bay. Your bubbly personality is mistaken for no seriousness. But the truth is that when you decide to settle with a guy it’s after a lot of understanding and thinking. You hate to be restrained, you like to travel and explore fun adventurous places. A guy who is the opposite of you can lead to the downfall of the relationship. Besides you never let negative thoughts govern, you remind your man how cherished at every chance you get.

Sagittarius- The Always Positive Type Zodiac Sign

Capricorn- The Classic Type

Capricorn ladies you are a hard nut to crack initially. You make men wait and wonder for a long time. It really takes a great deal for you to invest in a man. Further, when you fall in love, it’s the most idealistic scenario. You are a traditional girlfriend, ambitious, caring and disciplined. All this makes a  guy swoon over you completely. You have your life together which makes your boyfriend wife you. You play no games and speak your mind out. Clear communication makes your love life smooth.

Capricorn- The Classic Type Zodiac Sign

Aquarius- The Girl Next Door Type

Aquarius you are a loyal and charismatic type of girlfriend. It is true that you find it hard to express your feeling to your significant other. However, you are a woman of action and not words. You plan cute surprises and shower your partner with all the physical love. In addition, you are the girl next door type of girlfriend. Your man enjoys your fun and passionate vibe.

Aquarius- The Girl Next Door Type Zodiac Sign

Pisces- The Sensitive Type

Pisces you are the kind of girlfriend who is straight out of a Disney princess movie. You are selfless and delicate. You make love a priority in life over everything. Also, You are an admirer of the classics, thus believe in loving the old fashioned style. Your need for validation doesn’t go unnoticed by your partner. In addition, you come off as a damsel in distress, which makes a man show his masculine side. You easily get affected by any small dispute, thus heightening your sensitive side. Nevertheless, you leave no stone unturned in your romantic pursuits.

Pisces The Sensitive Type Zodiac Sign

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