Understanding the behaviour of a Capricorn woman


Under all the zodiacs, Capricorn females have been called the hardest sign to comprehend. Understanding this woman is a task.

Actually, understanding any woman on the earth is no fun and games but for the Capricorn ladies, we can vouch for one thing, no matter how shy, aloof or cold these goats look on the outside, when you look inside, you’ll discover a girl who’s looking for warmth, power, dignity and respect. How she’s likely to pursue that is a different matter altogether.

A combination of old-soul wisdom and frivolous dry sense of humor, she is complete powerhouse.

Here we will explain to you in detail what makes a woman born under the sun sign of Capricorn so exceptional and how to understand that lady. If you are a Capricorn, it will help you understand your deeper self. If you have Capricorn woman as your friend, relative or partner, it will help you understand the apparent melancholy in her personality.

First Impression of a Capricorn Woman

Capricorn Woman physical appearance

You will see this quiet reserved girl in the crowd who might appear timid and shy on the surface but no one could ponder what trail they are on. Chances are you might even perceive her as snobbish, remote or cold until, of course, you know her.  Having Saturn as her ruling astrological planet, it gives her no choice than being her marshal, organised and neat self. Some even confuse them for Virgos. 

They seem to be very restricted as if they suffer from either an inferiority complex, that they often don’t try to open or do seem to have some sense of superiority. Goats are gentle, polite, quite disciplined  and the best of observers not failing to notice the slightest detail. 

Physical Appearance of a Cap Woman

When it comes to a typical cap woman’s physical appearance, she gets blessed with natural beauty and ages like an old fine wine. The basic body structure is more on the slender side. Her protruding, large deep-set eyes and oblong/oval-face makes for a quite appealing personality.

Capricorn woman physical appearance

The main thing about goat ladies is that they can have highly robust, slender legs. Feet is the most important feature of their body. And why is it so, the goats need to climb and climb the hardest part of their lives. Their feet metaphorically symbolises their inevitable perseverance in achieving their goals.

They know the way up, nobody has seen a Capricorn women going really down and hitting the rock-bottom. An elegant smile is another positive attribute that a cap woman possess.

Capricorn goat traits


An air of seriousness encompasses them. Regardless of whether they are a secretary or the director of firm, the first thing you will find out about them is that they are little distant, head-strong and focused. Their social-shyness often gets mistaken for arrogance and aloof behavior.

Serene Persona: 

Almost all the Goat ladies have immaculate etiquette. They have an inherent sense of social elegance and modesty. The way they sit, the way they carry themselves, you’ll find them calm, composed and very much spic and span sort of ladies. They can appear to be very understanding which they actually are! 

Pensive Behaviour: 

Many of the cap ladies would never open their mouth just for the heck of opening. They are like a thermometer, always taking the temperature, understanding what’s happening around them and then they will vocalize. They never say anything that could cause trouble around people. 


The other thing about Capricorn ladies is that they love to make themselves comfortable, being an earth sign, it’s very important for them to be very sturdy, and very much on the path. 


In order to make themselves comfortable, these ladies feel the need to keep an accumulated wealth, have their own house, jewels. It’s not about the materialistic attitude to life.

But the fact is, they love to keep themselves secured and stable, might appear stingy, but they will never give anything very easily and feel like they have worked very hard to get that. And somewhere down the line, they are right. It makes complete sense because these Saturnians actually work very hard in order to get that material security and stability in life.


If work is worship, then the Capricorns are the devotees. Sometimes they are seen to be less generous, but that’s not the case, for sure. Capricorn women yearn for success and recognition, they always work for their everlasting progress. It doesn’t matter if they start slow, they climb and climb and reach the top. They make their way.


Capricorns, particularly females, are extremely close to their family. They bubble with joy when they get to host someone which also makes them warmest hosts. You will never see her serving the guests in anything but crystal cutlery.  


As serious as a Capricorn lady might seem on the surface, the inner dusky and gloomy world prevails, at times. That’s when their dark and dry humor comes into play to cover their that up. Nonetheless, they don’t let their emotions go all over the place and catch themselves up. 

These were a few points to mention the deep details about the melancholic behaviour of a capricorn women. To learn about the most unpredictable woman of all zodiac, you may click here.



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