Understanding the Bluntness of a Sagittarius woman

The archer, the philosopher of the zodiac is packed with energy and awe for life, adventure, and everything. The visual representation of a Sagittarius is a centaur, a mythical creature, half-human, and half horse. Likewise, these ladies are also born into two splits, one human and the other wild animal. This symbolization particularly reflects an animal-like soul, seeking for the truth. It can be difficult to nail down this optimistic, carefree, passionate enigma. However, remember that the driving fuel for the intensity of these ladies is deep love, curiosity, and sheer dedication. Let us explore in detail what makes a woman born under the sign of Sagittarius so bold and intense. 

First Impression of a Sagittarius Woman

When we think about the anthropoid aspect of a Sagittarius it’s all about limits, it’s about setting principles, participation in religious activities, important talks of creating something. On the flip side, Miss Sagi can also be someone always on the hunt for exploring her inner and outer horizons through a good book or Adventures. Her desire to be free and independent, both in theory and in practice, always makes her curiously intriguing.

Always drawn to unfathomed and exotic, She somehow gets lured by everything bizarre. This risk-taker lady is a member of so many extreme sports such as paragliding, bungee jumping and essentially all kinds of fuss. But all thanks to Jupiter- the planet of luck and fortunes which enables this bright and optimistic Sagittarius to evade any difficult situation.

Physical Appearance of a Sagittarius lady

The first that can be readily noticed in a Sagittarius woman is that she usually has a broad forehead, which is a typical Jupiterian feature. They say it’s a factor for luck. You are regarded as lucky if you have a big forehead. The other feature about the archer lady that makes her irresistible is her beautiful slender legs, like that of a horse, considering the Sagittarius sign is divided into half-humans and half animals. In their body, they symbolically display these features. When they walk, they have a graceful movement and their body sweeps in rhythm with their beautiful slender legs moving.

Miss Sagi carries a mysterious and sweet twinkle in her eyes as if she is always after something, up to something naughty. This lady carries a bag full of tricks and jokes. 

Intelligence, humor, and sarcasm bind together and the joke comes out. Her bluntness can cost heavy at times. However, she never intentionally try to hurt anyone but if you ever discover her to be sarcastic and rude, remember that it’s a childish and gentle heart free from manipulation and deception beneath her frank and playful exterior.

Sagittarius Woman Personality Traits


Represented by the archer, these ladies are always on a quest for knowledge. No wonder Jupiter- the planet of education, wisdom, spirituality, command, and abundance governs Sagittarius sign.

You can just keep on listening to a Sagi woman’s chain of thoughts. With her elaborate manner of speaking and elephantine memory, She can light-up the room with her exhilarating tales.

She will create the whole picture in front of your eyes and you would feel as if that is actually happening like you’re watching a movie. She possesses the ability to make the whole thing stand in front of you.

Hardcore Optimist:

Ever dreaming of better and brighter days, Miss Archer is the most carefree lady. She just enjoys her life, For a Sagittarius woman, life is like an adventure and she is not likely to take it very seriously. She lives by the notion of endless possibilities chasing wisdom in every aspect of life.

Her independent, cheerful and positive demeanor pushes everyone in her surroundings to be the finest version of themselves.  Nonetheless, those who enter their social circle find themselves questioning their viewpoints. Yet these women enjoy a company with whom they can expand their minds.


A Sagittarius-born woman is an extrovert and motormouth which sometimes comes across as her inability to keep their thoughts with themselves. However, on a brighter side, with her high-spirit and dynamic energy, she is always ready for fun, exploration, and adventures.

Be it Mountaineering, trekking, biking, hiking, or anything that involves danger to life, Jupiter energy somehow attracts all of it. It comes very much from the animal side of the zodiac. She feels the need to feed the devil inside of her with all the learning and explorations.


Indeed, wherever the Sagittarians go they’re just spreading the laughter, they’re fairly funny, in parties, in debates, even in meeting rooms.
Apart from that, a Sagittarius lady can also make some very critical sarcastic humour but they always blend it some sort of intelligence and wit inside of it which creates this funny situation wherein they get away with almost anything without earning a reputation of being difficult or having a bad attitude. 

These were a few points to mention the deep details about the dynamic energy of a Sagittarius woman. Also, you might like to grab some information regarding the most unpredictable woman of all zodiac. Click here to read about Aquarius woman. 


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