Understanding the Complexity of a Pisces Woman

The Pisces woman is a real mystery. She is 12 signs in one personality. Whether she is your daughter, sister, spouse, girlfriend or friend understanding her personality and psychology will take time…like a lot of time. Here, we have attempted to unravel the complexity of a Piscean character. There are going to be some key points that can help you enhance your relationship with her. It is essential to grasp this understanding in order to preserve a precious relationship if you are in connection with a fish.

Pisces is the deepest water and her mind is the depth of the ocean.

First Impression of Pisces woman

She is a youthful young lady who from very early in her life has some sort of charisma that draws people towards her. There is some strange kind of magnetism that a Pisces woman carries with herself. Whenever you look at her, you’ll feel like adoring her. 

pisces woman first impression

She appears to be so soft-hearted, so docile, so submissive and shy in the beginning that you’d just want to guard her, protect her.
She comes across as someone who understands nothing about the material world out there. You can’t help but wonder how she’s going to survive this big bad world.
There will be an instant attraction towards this woman whenever you’ll look at her.

A Pisces woman is doubly feminine in all the zodiac sign. Owing to the fact that Pisces is governed by Neptune energy which makes her ultra-feminine. She is the only woman in the zodiac who is not one, not two but twelve. She’s an Aries, a Leo and carries all those preceding 11 signs inside of her along with Pisces, not to mention. She’s an 11+1. Can you imagine the kind of energy this mixture would create?

Changing Nature of a Pisces Woman

Because she keeps changing, Pisces woman can put a Gemini to shame when she comes to her changing behavior. But it’s not that she is changing, it’s just that she is like that only.

One day she is brutally honest akin to an Aries. Another day she can be exceptionally sensual same as the Taurean woman. After that, she will be extremely talkative and chatty like a Gemini. She can be very caring, nurturing and motherly how a Cancerian is. At times, She can be fighting for her rights just like a Libra woman. She can have a very strong sense of justice. And fair judgment when the Libra woman inside of her takes over.
She can even make jokes or Flirt, which is her Sagittarian side that is expressing, just a carefree attitude. She can also be very caring towards your parents or even her own parents, her family members. That is her capricornian nature that is showing.

She can be very analytical, very cerebral and very perfectionist. That will be her Virgo self that is expressing itself with a bit of sarcasm, a bit of perfectionism. And then erratically, she can also be completely dreamy, completely vague, very intuitive, very spiritual. That is her Piscean self that she shows you. Or she can be a complete mystery to you. She would just sit and make you wonder what this enigma is in front of you, how you are gonna solve this mystery. That is her Aquarian side showing. Completely Unpredictable.

All these zodiacs keep showing in a Pisces woman, maybe one day she can be all that or she can change according to the situation, she exhibits all those signs inside of sign and that’s why she remains the most complex woman of all zodiacs. She doesn’t have any desire to push you or control you, irrespective of the fact that she’s not afraid to lead or dominate you.

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Interesting Facts about Pisces Woman

Lazy or not!

Pisceans might become known for being lazy people but the truth is, they are never lazy because the Piscean mind works 24*7. When a Pisces sleep or just lazily lying down, they are actually creating something, getting in touch with the otherworldly realms that people have no idea about.

The realm of dreams and fantasy is where these women feel their most comfortable selves and they often have extraordinary active inner lives. Their mind is sailing in the universe, in the depth of their sea of emotions, creating something there, receiving messages, sending messages, they are manifesting, they have that magic of manifesting. 

Shy Nature

Inherently introverted, Pisces women like to keep themselves guarded in two ways, she can be someone who uses her humor to keep people away from penetrating her emotional wall, to keep people at bay or she could be someone who is a little bit more reserved. These women are the epitome of femininity, even if they like sports and traditional things that are considered masculine.


As a water sign, she is extremely intuitive, she knows your thoughts, your actions, even before you take them. Speaking of intuitions, Pisces women are perhaps most on the spiritual plane making them natural magic makers and sensitive beings. These women naturally have this uncanny sense of perceiving what the other person wants or needs, and they put all their efforts to deliver it.

Fantasy or Reality?

Notorious for their escapist nature, Pisceans are dreamers at heart. Daydreaming and Flowing deep in the waters of their magical world provides them a deep compassion and a sense of absoluteness. However, it doesn’t mean that they can’t distinguish reality from their fantasy world. A fish knows very well how to achieve her goals, bearing in mind they have very different priorities than the more classically hardworking signs. They prefer to spend their time on creative pursuits of life.

Concluding Words:

The world can be a difficult, harsh and boring place without the dreamy ways and quicksilver imagination of a Piscean. Their ability to mentally execute ideas and foresee the outcomes ahead of time along with the cognizable vision of the future is essential in making the world a better place. 


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