Vastu for living room


The living room is the heart of any home, where family members gather and guests are entertained. According to Vastu Shastra, the ancient Indian architectural science, aligning the living room with positive energies enhances harmony and well-being for everyone in the household. In this blog, we will explore essential Vastu tips for your living room, creating a space that fosters positivity, balance, and contentment.

1. Location and Direction vastu

  • The ideal location for the living room is in the east or north direction, as these directions are associated with positive energies and prosperity.
  • Avoid placing the living room in the south direction, as it is considered inauspicious and may disrupt the flow of positive energy.

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2. vastu for Seating Arrangement

  • Position the seating in the living room to face either east or north, as it encourages an open and welcoming environment.
  • Avoid having any sharp edges or corners of furniture directly pointing towards the sitting area, as they may create negative vibrations.

3. Centerpiece and Decorations

  • Place a beautiful and auspicious centerpiece, such as a vase of fresh flowers or an attractive showpiece, at the center of the living room.
  • Decorate the living room with vibrant and cheerful colors, as they promote positive emotions and a harmonious ambiance.

4. Electronic Appliances and Devices vastu

  • Avoid placing the television in the north or northeast direction, as it may disrupt the flow of positive energies.
  • Position electronic devices, such as computers or stereos, in the southeast direction for optimal energy flow.

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5. Natural Light and Ventilation

  • Ensure the living room receives ample natural light and proper ventilation, as it creates a positive and lively environment.
  • Use light and airy curtains to allow sunlight to enter freely and uplift the space.
Vastu Tips

6. vastu for Declutter Regularly

  • Regularly declutter your living room to remove stagnant energy and create space for fresh, positive vibes.
  • Dispose of broken or unused items, as they may hinder the flow of positive energy.

7. Artwork and Decorative Pieces

  • Choose artwork and decorative pieces that evoke positive emotions and happy memories.
  • Display images or paintings that depict nature, joy, and prosperity.

Vastu for main entrance

8. Mirrors Placement vastu

  • Place mirrors in the living room on the north or east wall to reflect and enhance the natural light.
  • Avoid placing mirrors directly facing the main entrance, as it may reflect positive energy away from the home.

Embrace the Positive Energies in Your Living Room

By incorporating these Vastu tips into your living room, you can create a harmonious and positive environment that promotes well-being and contentment. Remember that Vastu is a holistic approach to architecture and living, and the positive effects may take time to manifest. Embrace the principles with an open mind and enjoy the benefits of living in a Vastu-aligned living room.

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